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Price Sticker Removal Reminder Alarm

because you can only return it for 30 days
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I have a habit of leaving the price stickers on home decor items from the store. I save the receipt, save the bag, and if an article I've purchased for my home doesn't fit in, I have all the paraphernalia required to return it. But sometimes I keep the stuff, and forget the sticker is there. I set a beautiful table, put out the candlesticks, and my sister-in-law invariably picks up the very piece, turns it up to admire, and there the sticker sits. I propose a chip integrated into the sticker, much like the anti-theft ones, that emits a persistent beep after 31 days out of the store. I can't return it at that time, the sticker comes off, and problem solved. Or the sticker could be set to beep on the day before the store's return policy expires, for a last chance option. Even better. If I wasn't so lazy,I'd rewrite the idea.
Rm Brz, Sep 28 2006

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       how about sticker glue that denatures after a set period of time so that the sticker just falls off.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 28 2006


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