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Pringles Jingles

Pringles carton mini steel drum
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Someone gave me a tubular carton of Pringles today at an exhibition opening. These are the Devil's work, not only being addictive to eat, but now the new cartons can be used to make up a percussion orchestra.

This is because their bottom metal end base lids have now been made slightly concave and stamped out in tiny shaped zones in the manner of a steel drum. Now when you tap on them with your finger tips or using a couple of pencils, each zone emits a different note.

A group of Pringles fans can form their own band.

The new Pringles Jingles cartons are slightly more expensive due to increased production costs but with their matching musical themed labels they're sure to be a big success and in great demand.

xenzag, Nov 18 2023

Like this? https://youtu.be/W1Zr5tjfYV4?t=527
Aaagh [bhumphrys, Nov 19 2023]


       I'm confused... are you saying Pringles cans already come this way now, or is the concave, stamped design your invention?
21 Quest, Nov 18 2023

       // the Devil's work //   

       Don't blame me, I had nothing to do them. And they're right up there with Twiglets as disgusting foods some people inexplicably eat.   

       But [+] for the idea. I've often thought they should also market a Pringles Cantenna
a1, Nov 18 2023

       I'm also a Twiglets addict esp the Marmite favoured ones I get as a present every Christmas. I'm sure there's a hakfbaked Twiglets idea lying in wait too.
xenzag, Nov 19 2023

       They don't come in tin anymore, do they?
a1, Nov 19 2023

       Twiglets come in a foil lined tubular carton with a metal lid base and a red plastic lid top. This packaging makes them also suitable for mini steel drum treatment.
xenzag, Nov 19 2023

       //disgusting foods some people inexplicably eat// I didn't think they were usually categorised as "food". Have the definitions been expanded recently? How do you define "food" such that the Pringles are included but the cardboard carton is not?
pocmloc, Nov 19 2023

       [xenzag], yes thanks, that's what I meant by a "tin" - mostly cardboard but some metal, a little like a Pringles can.   

       [pocmloc] I think the foil lining is slightly less digestible than the cardboard or the Pringlles (or Twiglets) contained therein. Slightly.   

       And since "new flavours" are not suitable for their own HB idea postings, I'll just drop this here ... Marmite flavored processed potato snacks, like crisps but with a bumpier texture, sold in the kind of packaging we've been discussing.   

a1, Nov 19 2023

       And become very annoying (see link)
bhumphrys, Nov 19 2023

       If your idea is to pre-stamp the steel or aluminum bases of cans, tubes, or rectangular cracker tins to create notes, I’m all in. Let’s get all the use out of these disposable items that we can.
minoradjustments, Nov 20 2023

       [a1] I had a pringlet but they removed it with liquid nitrogen.
minoradjustments, Nov 20 2023

       // I had a Pringlet //   

       Was it giving you Twingles?
a1, Nov 20 2023


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