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LIsten to music of the future by radio dipping.
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Ok, so I watched this film about Dr. Stephen Hawkings called "A Brief History Of Time", a marvellous little thing, and I had an idea about getting more from our black holes.

It seems that if someone were to "fall into" a black hole, time would slow down for them almost infinitely and it would seem to them that everything around them was speeding up infintely, too. So if you were staring out at the stars as you fell into a black hole, everything would start to go faster and faster, millions of years passing before your eyes in a matter of minutes.

Ok, so I figure, what if you dropped a tape recorder in there attatched to a radio reciever? You could record the radio for the next hundred years and get to know all the popular bands and then when the time came, years later, that they became famous, you could go around saying, "I listened to them way before they became popular. You guys suck."

I guess the only problem would be getting the recorder and radio out of the black hole after it's fallen in. Maybe some kind of super-strong twine attatched to thing?

giordano1000, Feb 03 2004


       I don't think that's the only problem.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 03 2004

       Unfortunately, the only clear reception I get on my radio is from the FM, MW and FM Stereo settings. There's no "Theoretical" setting, and I always get a bad reception from the "Thought Experiment" bandwave. You may find you do too.
lostdog, Feb 03 2004

       Theoretically, it would be pulled apart atom by atom as it fell in. So it wouldn't work after it had fallen in. I don't know exactly when it happens, but I know that it does at some point early on, so I don't believe it would work. Interesting idea, if we could find a way to make it work.
theonecalledzil, Feb 03 2004

       The recorder would still only record up to the point at which you dragged it out. If you want it to record 1000 years into the future, you'll have to wait... 1000 years. It would just seem faster to the radio. And if you slip for a second, and drop the recorder past the event horizon, I'm afraid you'll need another one.   

       Even if the thing simply throws out a signal (assuming the radio signal is, in fact, a radio signal and not, say, some complicated semaphore system), it would appear to an outside observer to have a much looooonger wavelength than that which was transmitted.   

       Effectively, the information itself would not be received any faster.   

       Keep in mind, too, that the radio waves it receives would have to pass you on their way in.
Detly, Feb 04 2004

       You saw the film??. I read the book!. It explained very clearly why this doesn't work.
p.s. Who played Stephen Hawking? I always thought that Kevin Costner could do him justice.
gnomethang, Feb 04 2004

       Nah, that's clearly a job for Martin Short. or Jim Carrey... No, forget Jim.   

       I thought Detroit radio stations already aproximated black holes?
RayfordSteele, Feb 04 2004

       I believe Stephen Hawking was played by none other than Nicole Kidman. In the in-depth documentary on the "making of" the film included on the DVD, it showed how Nicole spent weeks around Dr. Hawking, getting his character "down". She was able to imitate his computer voice impeccably, I thought.   

       Also, it doesn't matter what anyone really says on the matter; I just came back from the year 2702 in a small lab in Iceland that has just developed a new breed of efficient, gil-less fish. We were listening to music from the year 4012 at the time! We thought we'd get a kick out of sending someone back to 2004 and telling them about the future of radio. We knew you guys wouldn't believe me.   

       Lucky for me I found the best way possible to share this information. This website becomes its own country in 2118, so this will be in the archives! Your kids will have to study my ramblings someday! Ha ha! Jokes on you!   

       (Oh, and by the way, keep your eyes open on June 19th, 2012! You'll know what I'm talking about! ;) )   

       peace out!   

giordano1000, Feb 08 2004

       Surely Stephen Hawking was played by Tom Cruise, who changed the character to be an American, "better to relate to the audience", i.e. re-write history.   

       Next, he plays Ghandi, who grew up on 56th St...   

       [giordano] 2012. Indeed - mescaline wouldn't drag it from me...
timbeau, Feb 10 2004


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