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Printable Panties

A printer that knits the clothes you download off the internet
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Because driving to Walgreens to buy sweatpants is way too inconveinient, HP and Old Navy have developed a printer for the busy/lazy/naked man. download boxer shorts and click print. The boxers are then knit from the cotton cartridge (which is purchaseable from HP for $48.95). The boxers are then re-fed into the printer to stitch them into something wearable. Some outfits will be marked with dotted lines for folding, cutting, and attaching really sticky velcro while scarves, togas, and thongs print in one shot.
rsn10588, Nov 19 2006


       [marked-for-deletion] Advertisment
dbmag9, Nov 19 2006

       You sure? Looks to me like s/he is just wording the idea as though it were real.
DrCurry, Nov 19 2006

       Not real. Not really all that bad, either.
daseva, Nov 19 2006

       + I think it's rather nice. I'd really like to make an oriental rug this way; with designs I feed into the printer.
xandram, Nov 19 2006

       //[marked-for-deletion] Advertisement// !!?? I don't work for Walgreens, Old Navy, or HP thankyama'am.
rsn10588, Nov 20 2006

       Well done, [rsn10588].   

       Really, [dbmag9]! //knit from the cotton cartridge which is purchaseable from HP// ? You thought this was real? :-)
pertinax, Nov 20 2006

       I did once try a knitting machine, figuring, heck, I know computers, how hard can it be? Couldn't get the thing strung up to make one thing. Fortunately, I only borrowed the thing, so I was able to give it right back.   

       I'm hoping these boxer-knitters are a little more user friendly!
DrCurry, Nov 20 2006

       horray, another proprietary cartridge to conform to. HP cotton... for some reason, Ghandi comes to mind. not sure why.
twitch, Nov 20 2006

       He used to wear cords?
DrCurry, Nov 20 2006

       rip cords for emergencies?
po, Nov 20 2006

       I like this...lots of women flock for seasonal underwear, it seems, and this would be a great way to keep going with that.
shapu, Nov 20 2006

       Heh heh! You fooled [dbmag9]! Here is a crumb cartridge (available from BUNGCO for only 19.95 + shipping!) from which you may print yourself a croissant.   

       You might want to incorporate an oregano cartridge to help with that seasonal underwear women are flocking to. Spicy!
bungston, Nov 20 2006

       If HP made the cotton cartridge it would be worth $359.95, and would contain just enough material for three bedsheets. When the cartridge ran out of cotton, you'd also have to discard the half-finished pattern piece.   

       All the same, I'm sure that there would be a huge market for this item among closet kinks, so I'll try pushing that croissant button a couple of times.
ye_river_xiv, Nov 20 2006

Chefboyrbored, Nov 20 2006


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