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Toilet roll printer

Something to read ?
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Pre-printed toilet rolls already exist (see link).

However, this idea is for a printer built into the toilet roll dispenser in commercial premises, i.e. cinemas, restaraunts, shopping malls. The first two sheets you pull off the roll are automatically printed with an up-to-the-minute piece of advertising; in a cinema, it might be a flyer for next week's films, in a mall an announcement of a new store opening or a late shopping night.

The user could choose to keep the flyer, or use it in the intended way. If they pulled off more sheets, they wouldn't get printed; a sensor resets a counter each time the stall door opens.

8th of 7, Aug 09 2002

(?) Preprinted roll http://www.motion.net/tp/
An existing product. [8th of 7, Aug 09 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Brunel Design Show (for Zoe Hall) http://www.bruneldesignshow.co.uk
please use the link button. [yamahito, Sep 24 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

The Microsoft iLoo. http://www.snopes.c...r/internet/iloo.asp
A hoax, no, yes, maybe. [jutta, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       It is a trap to get you caught in an endless cycle of exposure to advertising.
BinaryCookies, Aug 09 2002

       bliss: I hope they're different sheets of toilet paper you're reading..?
yamahito, Aug 09 2002

       how about up to the minute breaking news? I'm sure CNN would be interested in doing this. During a crisis the stalls will all be full of people waiting to see what happened.
rbl, Aug 09 2002

       Maybe you could get them in different colors so you could change the look on your shoes.
FarmerJohn, Aug 09 2002

       Useful if the news is especially bad and panic-inspiring.
yamahito, Aug 09 2002

       Blissmiss: The ink would be very quick-drying, non-toxic and applied in minimal quantities. Besides, you only get the first 2 sheets printed; the ones after that are blank (until you open and close the door).   

       Hint: Wipe with the blank side .......   

       BianryCookies: You are already trapped. Abandon hope all ye who enter here .....   

       rbl: Yes, exactly. Another good use. Fresh news with embedded advertising.   

       Yamahito: If the news is that bad, you're probably in a good place ....   

       How about a toilet roll stock ticker ? "Enron down the pan ...... Worldcom down the pan ..... Andersen down the pan ..... "   

       Further thought: The smart printer/dispenser would be able to tell the central controller via the network when it was getting low on paper, and also monitor how long patrons loitered in the cubicles, and statistics how much paper they used .... talk about invasion of privacy ??
8th of 7, Aug 09 2002

       Ticketmaster Tickets on Demand, on the shitter.. Now I *can* wipe my ass with that $9.75 service charge!
Mr Burns, Aug 09 2002

       How about thermal paper so there's no ink to bother with?   

       Or go the opposite route and make it a dot matrix device... loud and slow (so you can get your business done without disturbing anyone else).
phoenix, Aug 09 2002

       Is it only me that doesn't want to see advertising become this pervasive? I'm bombarded enough without someone trying to sell me something while I'm on the toilet.   

       Besides, wouldn't using this form of publicity lead to certain negative associations with the products?
-alx, Aug 10 2002

       Maybe there could be an input module also to feed in used toilet paper and receive a psychological and physiological "ink blot" analysis.
FarmerJohn, Aug 10 2002

       Strangely enough, I was staring at an impressive creation in my kitty's litter box a while ago, and contemplated posting an idea entitled "Rorshit Analysis."   

       Maybe if there were a way to channel diahrrea spray into a fine inkjet mist.... ewww.
polartomato, Aug 10 2002

       This printer already exists: goto <admin - linked moved to link area> and search for Andrew Cubitt...   

       Clever brunel students!
zoe hall, Sep 24 2002

       It is interesting reading all your comments, if only I had them all when submitting my work! I designed a toilet roll browser last year for my degree. Yes, the idea was to be connected to the web and be able to print off almost anything whilst going about your business!...Yes even if is just for the satisfication of wiping you ass on something you don't agree with. If anyone is interested still then it is on the Brunel Design show link above (thanks Zoe) and I am displaying the idea at the Ideal Home show, Earls Court in March 2003. Come and have a go!
andrew_cubitt, Nov 07 2002

       Well, I guess that makes it Baked .........
8th of 7, Nov 07 2002

       What a great idea: I'm a jewellery designer and some of my best work has been 'born' on the loo. Where better to browse to opposition's latest creation and react accordingly!! your-red-ring www.redrings.com
your-red-ring, Nov 07 2002

       does anybody know how i can get in contact with andrew cubitt? my email is listed under my profile.   

       (edit: did more research and it appears that the iloo and andrew cubitt was all a hoax. oh well. somebody send me an email if you know how to print a 20 page document on toilet paper. so far, they only know how to print on two sheets of toilet paper using plates)
shortna, Apr 13 2004


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