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Printer Driver

Acrossa da paper
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Incorporating all the miniturised technology so sought-after in modern society, the mini driving printer may either be set to roam the surface it sits on - scanning and calculating until it builds an on board map of its surroundings, or simply be set to move in straight lines, among other user selected/defined paths.

With a built-in memory, and the option to transfer files either wirelessly or wirefully, the printer may then be set in motion across the surface, leaving colourful trails in its wake.

Also available in mini graph-plotter style, secure a selection of felt tipped pens into the holders and plot away!

fridge duck, Jul 08 2006

On the subject of wall climbing capabilities... http://www.firebox....=sbk&src_id=wallcar
Did this idea come from someone on the bakery by any chance? [fridge duck, Jul 08 2006]


       With wires you're going to have to deal with cable dragging issues, so I'd go wireless.   

       If you can build these with wall-climbing capabilities, I would become a graffiti artist in a heartbeat.
normzone, Jul 08 2006


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