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QRinter Driver

Printer driver which prints select text as QR Codes
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How often do you come across printed (displayed) text which includes useful information (email addresses, URIs, email addresses, appointments, locations, times dates etc) which you have to manually copy to your phone/browser... or that you have to separately generate QR codes for? OK, not that often... yet.

Well here's The Qrinter Driver: An open source, cross platform printer driver (just like the one you may already use to generate PDF documents) - but this one automatically generates QR Codes embedded in to the output media (paper/PDF/HTML).

Identified URIs/email addresses can be automatically converted to equivalent QR Code links. Text written in specific fonts can be echoed/rendered directly to QR text. (with optional iCal link/QR generation)

OK, I'll admit it, I saw something like this a while ago, but a) I can't find it now, b) I may have added some ideas. Perhaps some smart baker can help locate?

Dub, Sep 03 2013

QR Code Generator for Acrobat http://blogs.adobe....or-for-acrobat.html
[the porpoise, Sep 05 2013]


       Word can do 1D bar codes out of the box, and someone's got a plugin for QR codes in Acrobat [link]...baked.
the porpoise, Sep 05 2013


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