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printable movies

Print digital movies as flip books
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If you need to print out a movie that you have on your computer, it would be cool if there was a program that would print each frame out on the paper (say, four to a sheet) so that you could assemble the pages into a flip book, and watch it without a computer. Or, maybe they could make a special printer designed specifically to print flip books.
lawpoop, Jul 16 2003

Baked http://www.moxie.com/
Flipbook software - several others [dweeb, Oct 04 2004]


       Oh geez. At 24fps, that'd be a 21,000 page per hour document. Might be a bit unwieldy.
bristolz, Jul 16 2003

       Easy enough to do in software. There are programs that convert MPEG -> JPEG stillframes, delete 9 out of every 10 frames (downsampling to 2.5fps) and print. We're talking about a simple shell script or batch file to do this. Easy to do if someone really wants to.
netmanakre, Jul 16 2003

       my thumb is not that big. I wonder if thumb's thumb is man enough for the job.
po, Jul 16 2003

       Would make cute shareware.
DrCurry, Jul 16 2003

       I've made a couple movies this way, both 30 frames long. One was at about 10fps; the other was at about 6fps. Printed them on 3 pages each of business-card stock. Quite simple but effective.
supercat, Jul 16 2003

       Movies are only wirthwhile when watched IN the movies. This idea works fine for funny/cute animations, but not to replace the classic format.
Pericles, Jul 16 2003

       As supercate suggested, it would be best to sample down the frame rate, to something like 3 FPS.
lawpoop, Jul 16 2003

       Or to fit it on one page you can go down to around .00014 FPS.
Worldgineer, Jul 16 2003

       3fps is too slow, but 6fps is workable. A 30-frame flip-book is quite manageable, and at 6fps yields about 5 seconds.   

       One trick, in case anyone else does this, is to stack and staple the cards somewhat "staggered", so that each card is about 1/60" to the left of the card below. This makes "flipping" the cards much easier. Although the resulting stack must be handled with some care to keep the cards adequately "springy", this trick really does work pretty well.
supercat, Jul 16 2003

       //Oh geez. At 24fps, that'd be a 21,000 page per hour document. Might be a bit unweildy.//
Not if you use an automated sheetfeeding pageflicker.
my face your, Jul 16 2003

       Just what the world needs is more "cute" shareware
DeathNinja, Jul 17 2003

       <flexes interphalangeal joint 80°/>
I've won the Mr. thumbiverse title 6 times in a row, if that's any indication.
</flexes interphalangeal joint 80°>
thumbwax, Jul 17 2003

       One more reason to keep your thumb well waxed. Your girlfriend will be mightily impressed when you invite her over to see a 21,000 page movie. Do you make the sound effects yourself? A mini-series would have to be dropped off the roof to be effective.
LabRat, Jul 18 2003

       awesome idea. pornography would take on a whole new genre ....
bubblegrrl79, Jul 18 2003

       Obviously some people like this idea; am I alone in thinking it's an incredible indulgence (not to mention waste of paper) to print something in an inferior format to the one in which I already have it?   

       // If you need //   

       // it would be cool if //   

       These are different premises, right?
saker, Jul 18 2003

       I like the idea but the Baked link is Mac only. Anyone know of a PC app that'll do it?
digimac, Jul 18 2003

       Could you include in the software a routine that would allow you to run the printed stock back through a printer, which would for this second pass have the ink replaced with a paper-etching fluid, and would print along the thumbed edge a serrated stripe or some other shape that would cause the flipped pages to emit a modulated sound (thereby allowing a necessarily degraded facsimile of the movie's sound to be generated by the flipping of the pages)?   

       Nah, I know it wouldn't really work that way.
beauxeault, Jul 18 2003

       *drools as head tilts to one side and eyes roll up*
vendetta, Jul 18 2003


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