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Printer Light

Reminds you that you have printed something
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There is such a mess around the printer at work, because people are constantly printing things (e-mails, impulsive web site prints), and forgetting to pick them up. All this junk is piling up on the table nearby, hanging off the top of the printer, and sitting for hours in the tray.

The solution is to have a big red light on your desk that lights up when you print something. Just like how your voicemail light lights up when you have a phone message.

You can turn off the light by pressing it. But next time you print, it goes on again.

Alternatively, the little printer icon in the system tray should stay lit, instead of disappearing when printing is done. You click it to get rid of it.

phundug, Aug 01 2003


       I believe the Windows print spooler can be configured to send you a pop-up message when it finishes printing your document for you.
krelnik, Aug 01 2003

       Also, it can be set up, with certain printers (usually big Xerox Doc Centers) to hold your printing until you physically go to the printer and enter a code. With this function, I can send a bunch of stuff to the printer and then go to the printer, enter my code and have it all printed right then. Very useful for confidential or sensitive documents.
bristolz, Aug 01 2003

       This is pretty lazy.
waugsqueke, Aug 01 2003

       Just hire a real nasty clerk (borrow secretary from Dilbert?) for a few weeks to bring people their prints if the prints have been sitting around for too long; of course with the appropriate comments. That will make them move.
kbecker, Aug 01 2003


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