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simple display-less MP3 player for UI impaired bedridden

simple display-less MP3 player for UI impaired bedridden
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- what it does: shuffle plays all MP3 files, then turns self off

- keep it simple, rugged & cheap, this device will probably be dropped off a bed, stolen or lost..

- battery powered

- cigar box form factor is OK, ie small size not required

- single 3" minimum internal speaker, headphone jack not desired

- accepts USB mem-stick for audio - please provide physical room for this so the stick does not break off ( maybe a compartment & door )

- minimal user interface:

- either a 1 line display or none (use LED status lights?)

- a single momentary push button to turn on or off

- a knob-style volume control

- linux OS (or busybox) in firmware would be nice, but would leave that up to you

my motivation:

have a mentally ill relative that is bright, but refuses to deal w/electronic interfaces - I want him to listen to MP3 audio lectures (I provide the media when I visit)

ckau2, Nov 15 2008

Chumby http://www.chumby.com/
Maybe your relative could use this? [Noexit, Nov 18 2008]

Sansa Shaker http://blog.wired.c...bargain-hunted.html
Sound like just what you're looking for. [phoenix, Dec 20 2008]


       Dunno, this is almost just a recipe for electronics, since so many permutations of mp3 players exist already.   

       If you disabled the auto-lock, and glued all the keys but the mp3 key off on my phone, it would be exactly what you suggest, even down to the memory stick (although excluding the knob)   

       But in the meantime I'd paint bright colors on the plus and minus buttons on an ipod shuffle and just use that. I'd imagine a big bright buttons would work just as well as turning a knob?
mylodon, Nov 16 2008

       Is this idea not completely unlike the iPod Shuffle?
hippo, Nov 17 2008

       > ..Philips digital photo frame..   

       I'm using that photo frame for this purpose now- but it takes about 5(?) clicks or so after power up before it's running the playlist - maybe someone will chime in say there's and autostart -on power up feature..
ckau2, Nov 18 2008

       "I provide the media when I visit"   

       You could burn it to CD and loan him a portable CD player. yeah, not new tech but you said "cigar box form factor is OK, ie small size not required" Most of those things have a "shuffle" switch. If you consider this, might I suggest a SONY portable CD player- their portables are very rugged and the batteries last a very long time. I still have one of theirs, still sounds like it's fresh out of the box.   

       Creative labs makes a player called the "Zen Stone Plus" and the newer version of this player has a speaker built in. It has rechargeable batteries and a simple, "black and blue" screen.   

       Coby also makes some "stick" style players which run on 1 AAA battery and have just a status light, but they don't have built in speakers.   

       Ipod shuffle also a possibility but once again no speaker built in   

       I'm still bunning this idea because this would be very helpful to mentally impaired people, and if a player like this were made, it would also appeal to people who just want something not-so-advanced.
Dickcheney6, Mar 17 2009


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