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Problems Needing Solutions Category

A place to post problems that we need other HalfBakers to solve with their ideas.
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I'm not sure if we're allowed to do this now and just categorize accordingly, but sometimes problems don't have categories - just the solutions. And sometimes we all can't figure out how to solve everyday problems ourselves and needs the help of other elves.

I propose a HalfBakery category - Problems Needing Solutions - specifically for posting problems without any proposed solutions. Other HalfBakers could then annotate their ideas about how to go about making things better for the poster. I anticipate they will go off on their own and post actual ideas which may be inspired by the problem, which can then be linked in the original problem posting for the original author. There will be no need for rating the problems, but I see no reason to remove the capability for this category.

XSarenkaX, Oct 01 2002

Idea Dough Garage Swap. http://www.halfbake...ugh_20Garage_20Swap
[[ sctld ], Oct 01 2002]

(?) Thinkcycle.org http://www.thinkcycle.org/
Try here. [jutta, Oct 01 2002]

UK Online http://www.ukonline.gov.uk
These people really could use this - plenty of problems and not nearly enough solutions. [NickTheGreat, Oct 01 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Help File http://www.halfbake...editorial/help.html
"Halfbakers are usually happy to help if the idea is removed afterwards, the question is polite, and the privilege isn't overused." [Nick@Nite, Oct 21 2004]


       I think thsi is coverd by an idea by Farmer(?) called something like 'dough exchange', i'll try and find the link.
[ sctld ], Oct 01 2002

       Yeah, I read that idea, but it's not quite what I'm thinking of. I am not looking to trade ideas, I'm looking to post actual problems without ideas, which need ideas from volunteers.   

       I don't have any dough to bake myself anything, just a hankering for baked goods. Maybe this would be a dough-nation area.
XSarenkaX, Oct 01 2002

       Well, I've been looking for an office chair ejector seat to launch me out of this damn office... any ideas?
Mr Burns, Oct 01 2002

       [Nick@Nite], you have a point about making such a forum an entirely new website. I thought maybe we could cheat and keep the same culture for volunteered ideas that are specifically requested.
XSarenkaX, Oct 01 2002

       Has my opposite number, as it were, actually marked this for deletion just by doing that?   

       We could start a category, but where would it go? In other or on its own - the latter would mess up the home page layout, and the former may be unfindable for some people.   

       I'm pretty sure we don't really want to encourage the posting of questions, anyway: let's keep to the proven format of posting stupid ideas and making stupid remarks.   

       If people want help with their problems they should probably find another, more suitable place to ask. (failing that we could set up a free forum on netowrk 54 exclusively for our use, and link to it from somewhere, thus getting that place we want along with the expertise of well-known bakers)
NickTheGreat, Oct 01 2002

       Won't happen, would bore me to pieces. Go somewhere else.
jutta, Oct 01 2002

       //evidently you haven't been reading XSX's other ideas// No man, I don't read any of the ideas..never... and that the same person suggested the office ejector seat- it's just a big coincidence, I swear..
Mr Burns, Oct 01 2002

       Could we put the NHS, Railtrack and the teacher situation in this category?
NickTheGreat, Oct 01 2002

       I can think of something else that could go in this category...
[ sctld ], Oct 01 2002

       Now don't say me. That's just mean and unfriendly, and I won't have it. Luckily for me, some people have realised my true greatness.
NickTheGreat, Oct 01 2002

       You have multiple personalities and/or invisible friends?
thumbwax, Oct 01 2002

[ sctld ], Oct 01 2002

       [jutta]: thanks for the suggested link, but my problems are underwhelmingly technical. I'm talking about everyday problems that HalfBaked ideas can solve...like kitty litter all over the place.   

       I beg to differ on the "bore me to pieces" part. You've seen what these people can come up with on their own. All I'm suggesting is basically a place where idle minds can look for suggested topics of creativity where others have failed. The overabundance and variety of ideas that might arise from a single posted problem may be extensive and entertaining.
XSarenkaX, Oct 01 2002

       There's something north of Dumbarton? (!)
[ sctld ], Oct 01 2002

       I spin a bicycle wheel, but maddeningly, it eventually stops. Solve this & I'm sold.
General Washington, Oct 01 2002

       XSX, might I suggest the way to approach this is to select a problem needing a solution, and come up with a half-baked solution yo-own self and post it. The bakers at large who are so inspired will dive on it with their own suggestions.   

       Case by case basis, but that's about all you're gonna get. After all, the plan here is to post ideas, not request them.   

       GW - solution: keep spinning the wheel. It will then cease to stop.
waugsqueke, Oct 01 2002

       [general washington] You could have it kept spining by a motor, if you find power outs annoying, you could add a recargable battery back-up, if you find potential lack of power delivery annoying, use uranium decay as a power sorce, (now I'm stumped)   

       Or levitate it in a vacume.
my-nep, Mar 03 2004

       The rule for this category should be that when you think of the problem, your intellectual ego should feel blown down.
kamathln, Nov 26 2008


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