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Product : Video Camera

Keep enjoying yourself while taking video shots
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You go to a beautiful beach. You want to capture some or most of the moments through video camera.

Your fun & enjoyment is almost lost whenever you are looking though the camera's view finder or LCD screen to shoot desired objects.

It is proposed to make a hat with suitable mounting arrangement for video camera. There will be suitable cable or remote control to 'start' & 'stop' recording, 'zoom in', zoom out' etc.

With this arrangement, you can shoot the objects by directly & continuously looking at them without the irritation of intermittently looking through the view finder.

vedarshi, Nov 04 2006

Sunglasses with video camera http://www.brickhou...n-video-camera.html
[jmvw, Nov 04 2006]


       vedarshi, you're not alone in your perverted voyeurism (kidding). there's a lot of concealed camera's out there already.
jmvw, Nov 04 2006

       [21 Quest] if it is baked for the camera normally used by tourists with high image quality & other functions, I would love to possess one. Crappy videos can be edited later on during leisure time.   

       [jnmw] concealed cameras are for ill intentions & probably don't have high image quality or other features.   

       My idea is for the rather innocent ones who want to enjoy the outings with companions and capture the moments to re-live them in future without being disengaged from participation.
vedarshi, Nov 04 2006


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