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Modular camcorder media

Use notebook hard drive for camcorder media
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I would like to see a camcorder that records onto a standard notebook hard drive, contained in a suitable enclosure so that I could just pop it in and out at will.

A slot that I could pop the drive into on my desktop computer would also be nice. Or a stand that would plug in via firewire or USB.

This has the advantage that if the media fails, it is trivial to repair...just get another 2.5" drive, open up the enclosure, swap drives and you are good to go. You could buy as many enclosures as you need, if, say you are going to be going on a long trip and won't be able to offload your footage until you get back. And you can edit directly from the 2.5" drive, rather than having to copy it to your computer first.

Furthermore, as hard drives get larger and cheaper, you don't have to discard the entire video camera to upgrade.

mzellers, Jun 23 2009


       I'll give this a + because I like the idea of editing right off of the drive on your computer. But it would have worked better a few years ago because now flash has pretty much taken care of the problem. I can record for an hour on my 8gb SD card, which only cost me $30, and pop it right in the computer. I usually copy my files over but it only takes 1 minute per GB. 32GB SD cards are already out there and the price will come down.
DIYMatt, Jun 23 2009

       There are quite a lot of camcorders with Firewire, or IEEE1394, or iLink, which is Sony's pet name for the same interface.
BunsenHoneydew, Jun 27 2009

       Visual motion recording has undergone some paradigm shifts. Originally you cranked the reel, and carried addition media on your person. Then there was a brief period where you carried both tons of media and tons power on your person, and (usually) several other persons. VHS and Betamax then reduced your media carrying load, but not your power carrying load.   

       It seems a game of moth v bat. So far the bats are winning. It is possible to carry large amounts of hrs of recording power quite efficiently. You can also carry large amounts of media efficiently. Whether batteries (the bats) are enough in the lead to precipitate this idea, I don't know.
4whom, Jun 27 2009

       Isn't this baked, in some form, in professional video cameras?
notexactly, Jul 11 2019


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