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Beautifying home videos with electronic personas
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You can now get software that animates faces following a text script, and pretty soon we'll all have videophone answering services in the guise of Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts or Darth Vader.

However, the technology for whole body animation already exists, as evidenced by Final Fantasy. So we ought to be able to put together the appropriate software to let you give yourself (or others) a digital makeover as the movie persona of your choice (subject, of course, to licensing the appropriate copyrights).

Does Aunt Maud look frumpy in your Thanksgiving video? No problem - drop her out and paste in Judy Dench, who'll lend her studied tones to the recipe for jello smores upside-down cake. Did your father sound hungover and look like the dogs breakfast giving the speech at your wedding? Simply drop in Patrick Stewart with his melifluous Shakespearian intonation of all those dippy jokes and embarrassing stories.

In fact, did the groom cut himself shaving and the bride have red eyes from crying all night? Just paste in Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston scoffing wedding cake and chatting with the band.

[Posted before under a different name, deleted out of respect for blissmiss.]

HotChocolate, Jul 15 2002

one day movie makeover http://www.halfbake..._20Movie_20Makeover
yours would be a lot cheaper [FarmerJohn, Jul 15 2002]


       That would be $49.95 for the optional add-on Austin Powers Persona Pack.
HotChocolate, Jul 15 2002


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