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Professional Toothbrushing

Ensure thorough oral hygene for life
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My dentist always has at least one critism of my brushing technique every time I see him; there's always somewhere at the back that I'm neglecting.

In the same way as you might get a haircut at a barbershop, I suggest we set up toothbrushing shops where master toothbrushers (trained by dentists) will brush your teeth perfectly and professionally with heavy-duty electic toothbrushes for a small fee (each person has a set time each day for their appointment to ensure no waiting).

Teeth would also be flossed and the session would end with a spray of minty breath freshener.

berno, Dec 22 2005


"Something special for the weekend, sir?"
moomintroll, Dec 22 2005

       and when you go bald, do all your teeth fall out in sympathetic harmony ?
xenzag, Dec 22 2005


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