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Tooth Matrix

Devices that brushes every tooth at once
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Everyone loves the new sonic toothbrushes. They are really good at cleaning, and you dont even need to use the classic tooth brushing motions. However, you still need to spend just as long brushing your teeth because the brush head is only so big and you have to apply it to each the front, back, and bottom of the tooth for a certain amount of time and then repeat this to clean the whole mouth. Enter the Tooth Matrix, a device designed to capitalize on the benifits of a sonic toothbrush while miraculously allowing you to brush all of your teeth at once, cutting the time required to bush your teeth to about twenty seconds. The handle of the Tooth Matrix would look be just like the recharable handle of a sonic toothbrush, and would produce the same sonic pulses. However instead of connecting to a conventional looking brush, it would attach to u shaped plastic mouthguard. This mouthguard would have snaps on both its top and bottom half. A matrix of speciallized bristles would snap into these. Imagine the matrix as looking like those tooth cups that dentists use to give you floride, but instead of the the of the cups being foam or plastic, they would be made of brisles. The bristles would be of maximum softness or hardness for the area of the teeth that they would be coming into contact with. Tougher bristles for the bottoms and lower sides of teeth, and gentler bristles for the upper teeth and gums. To use the Tooth Matrix, someone would merely need to apply a thin amount of a specialized fast foaming toothpaste evenly over the u on each side and then bite down onto the matrix of bristles like they would bite down on a mouthguard and in twenty seconds they would have perfectly clean teeth.
RiptWaif, Jan 19 2004

Dismembrator http://www.biologic...c.com/sd-models.htm
[kbecker, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       A computer hacker named Neo searches for the truth about reality and the answer to the question - What is the Tooth Matrix?...... a world of intelligent toothbrushes, who keep us in virtual thrall, drawing off the brushing-generated energy, and fighting a war against the human race.....   

       I like the idea, I might ask for a programable model so you can modify for tooth spacing, bridges, etc.
normzone, Jan 19 2004

       Maybe the mouth piece and the bristles could be seperate pieces, so that you have to put the bristles in where you have teeth. And they could be sold in different sizes and you just buy the pieces you need to create your own personal matrix of bristles inside your mouth piece. Since I know that my husband has bigger teeth then me, he could get the larger size bristle pieces, where I would get the smaller ones.   

       And could the thing run handless, so you can do other things while it brushes your teeth.?
babyhawk, Jan 19 2004

       Hands free operation is a good idea, babyhawk. Maybe it could look like a pacifier but with a motor/ grip where the ring would be.
RiptWaif, Jan 19 2004

       Fill your mouth with water and suck on an ultra-sonic dismembrator (link). Works fine at low power and feels real odd. At higher power your tongue or teeth could dissolve, I didn't try that.
kbecker, Jan 19 2004


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