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Professional Tree Climbing

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So, here's another kid's-play-to-grownups idea...

I don't know about you, but I still really like to climb from time to time. Climbable trees in my city are getting less and less, so every once in a while, when the urge strikes, I'm likely to be found on the top level of an unfinished building. (I love Urban Exploring)

Still, nothing can beat the natural, organic feel of climbing a tree.

So, why don't we make a sport out of this? Apart from very entertaining training sessions, we could compete by seeing who makes it to the top of the tree in the shortest time.

Of course, it would be at one's own risk, since you can't really secure yourself to a tree as you can with rock climbing.

And.. maybe the world finals in the Amazon, or the Sequoia forest?

Trickytracks, Apr 19 2005

Almost, but not quite http://www.goape.co....asp?M=1&E=2&Site=2
Great fun, invented by someone French. [AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 22 2005]

International Tree Climbing Championship http://itcc.isa-arbor.com/
[Worldgineer, Jun 23 2005]


       don't give up your day job!
po, Apr 19 2005

       //you can't really secure yourself to a tree as you can with rock climbing// - why not, surely it would be easier?
wagster, Apr 19 2005

       Yeah, but it would kill the point.   

       I find exploration of unfinished buildings to be a much better idea, IMO.
disbomber, Apr 19 2005

       Bun - as long as absolutely no "tools" are allowed. Barefoot and bare hands only.   

       There actually do exist "tree climbing" competitions, however they simply involve shimmying up a large column with a rope wrapped around you and the column. I like the idea of a more natural tree with branches, rough bark, leaves etc.
Laimak, Apr 19 2005

       +. And the getting down again competition, don't forget that. Many times I climbed to the highest possible point with relative ease, only to find my way back down to be much much harder. Love trees.
zeno, Apr 19 2005

       Yeah, trees rock. Rock trees. Rock/tree climbing. Yeah.
wagster, Apr 19 2005

       its *professional* I have a problem with.   

       who would pay me to climb trees?   

       ? as the usual walls I am clinging to.
po, Apr 19 2005

       //who would pay me to climb trees?//   

       Who would pay someone to drive in an ellipse for a couple hours?
Laimak, Apr 19 2005

Soterios, Apr 19 2005

       Yes but nobody in their right mind would pay to watch "ellipse driving".
Nor in all odds would there be much revenue going to pay these pro tree-climbers. Perhaps advertiser's names could be engraved into the bark. ,
Wouls monkeys be allowed to compete?
hidden truths, Apr 19 2005

       "Break a leg!"
RayfordSteele, Apr 19 2005

       //Bun - as long as absolutely no "tools" are allowed. Barefoot and bare hands only.//   

       Yes. Absolutely.   
Trickytracks, Apr 22 2005

       Thats one way to round up hippys. Hey, I should make a new invention!
Thoughtnaper_1, Jun 23 2005

       Bare feet and hands - that makes it so easy for me - I got around a lot of places bare-footed, until I got kicked out of that shop for not wearing shoes...   

froglet, Jun 23 2005

       //I find exploration of unfinished buildings to be a much better idea, IMO//   

       Wow, can't believe I missed this the first time 'round. , [disbomber]. Yay! Good to meet a fellow urban explorer.   

       And yay [froglet]. More barefootedness is also needed.
Trickytracks, Jun 24 2005

       There is already a sport about this. Watch the great outdoor games. Except it is on a stripped tree and it is smooth. It is a good idea though.
badreligion7384, Jun 24 2005


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