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Synchronised Climbing

choreographed climbing of the walls
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Competitive wall climbing is now going to be featured at the next Olympics.

This presents an opportunity to extend its possibilities by including Synchronised Climbing as a team event. The rules and scoring would be similar to that of one of my other favourites: Synchronised Swimming - ie marks would be awarded for choreography; artistic impression; degrees of difficulty and synchronicity, as the team of lycra clad human spiders negotiated the various knobs, overhangs and protruberances in perfect formation.

There would be no need to actually complete the ascent, as a team slowly moving across its surface in the form of an accurate circle, or other changing geometric shape could be the winning combination.

Difficult downward facing descents could be included as part of complex routines with appropriate music providing the timing and adding to the atmosphere.

xenzag, Jan 15 2020

Automata_20Climbing_20Wall [xenzag, Jan 18 2020]

Wall dance https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=m-oFNmTss_I
Check sequence around 2.15 [xenzag, Feb 21 2024]

climbing wall dance routine video from May 2016 https://youtu.be/Dm9604KxG7Y?t=59
show by Cia de Dança Deborah Colker (Opening ceremony - 2016 olympics) [Loris, Feb 21 2024]


       In water, the environment is uniform for each participant. The climbing wall, usually with random holds, would have to be altered for conformity.   

       Unless it was scored on randomness and any synchronicity of movement is marks off. Contours and holds would have to be choreographed on the fly. This would be artistically interesting but not as socially beautiful as the idea proposed.
wjt, Jan 18 2020

Voice, Jan 18 2020

       It would be highly entertaining if selective hand/foot holds were configured to suddenly withdraw into the climbing surface without warning on a random basis, depriving the climber of their support and causing them to plummet some distance onto an unyielding surface (no safety ropes, of course - they're for sissies).
8th of 7, Jan 18 2020

       You mean like this? [link]
xenzag, Jan 18 2020

       Close. But instead of // almost guaranteed to dislodge all but the most determined and experienced climber // it needs to be // guaranteed to dislodge even the most determined and experienced climber //.   

       There need to be multiple HD cameras integrated into the surface so as to capture the facial expressions of the fallers as they lose their hold and plummet to the ground.
8th of 7, Jan 18 2020

       To counter [8th of 7]s determination to maim pretty much everyone, I propose that the wall is placed above water, so any falls are a safe splash-down. (Free-climbing above water is a Thing.)
I have also seen photos of rock-climbers doing the static form of this (just creating a pattern of people for the photo). Google has failed me...
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 19 2020

       Nah - let him build his own wall and give a full demonstraion of how it works then see how many that encourages to use it.
xenzag, Jan 19 2020

       I didn't read this the first time I saw the title because I wasn't aware it was "wall" climbing. Something I've done on about a billion occasions. So that being said, this professional wall climber challenges any of you non-obsessive compulsive types to a duel.
blissmiss, Jan 19 2020

       I love climbing walls and have posted a few ideas about them and also made a climbing wall art installation.
xenzag, Jan 20 2020

       Are we talking about the same kind of wall climbing? You know the kind where you don't actually climb the wall?
blissmiss, Jan 20 2020

       I know of no other type of wall climbing apart from the one where you climb up walls by using a series of knobs attached to its surface that act as hand and foot holds. What is the other type of wall climbing of which you claim expertise?
xenzag, Jan 20 2020

       We have a saying here, "I was climbing up the wall" when we get really stuck, or tense, nervous, jittery, and feeling on the verge of losing it completely.   

       "I was so afraid I'd get caught playing on the bakery at work I was climbing up the wall."   

blissmiss, Jan 20 2020

       In the UK, the expression "climbing up the walls" means experiencing a type of inescapable mental turmoil.
xenzag, Jan 20 2020

       I think that's what I just said, but maybe not.
blissmiss, Jan 21 2020

       It is, [blissmiss], it is.
pertinax, Jan 21 2020

       Thanks, Pert. I was mildly confused.
blissmiss, Jan 21 2020

       "Mildly" ? That's such an improvement over your usual "Totally and utterly bewildered" ...
8th of 7, Jan 21 2020

       Alright, I was trying to trick you, I was actually mildly comatose.
blissmiss, Jan 22 2020

       Just saw this (link) - not quite the same idea, but close enough to be approved nevertheless.
xenzag, Feb 21 2024

       [+] for the idea and the link.   

       Wouldn't be surprised if they got the idea from here.
doctorremulac3, Feb 21 2024

       //Wouldn't be surprised if they got the idea from here.//   

       I would - given that the linked youtube video has a link through to an older video of what looks like a very similar routine (I think by the same troupe) on the same climbing wall from seven years ago (linked), thus predating this idea by three and a half years.
Presumably this was widely televised.
Loris, Feb 21 2024

       Well, bun anyway.   

       My daughter's doing the climbing thing. Don't mind her doing it at the gym but she's actually climbing mountains too. Used to surf which was scary enough, now I'm horrified. I've always told her to get outdoors and be active but didn't mean like that. Son's a former Marine and a cop, daughter climbs mountains. Great.   

       Some kids do meth and play video games, much safer. "Hey kids, everything I said about taking risks in life? I was just kidding."
doctorremulac3, Feb 21 2024

       The biggest difference between what is shown in the video and that which I proposed, is the wall itself. I envisage randomly placed protruberences of many kinds and spacings that also feature overhangs etc exactly as per a climbing wall. The inventiveness therefore comes from choreographing synchronised dance movements interfacing with random obstacles on a vertical or even negatively angled wall.
xenzag, Feb 21 2024

       xenzag, I'm not saying your idea isn't interesting and different. I was just providing doc with evidence against his suggestion that the video could have been inspired by your idea.   

       I can see arguments either way for variation and randomness in the wall surface - it would lead to quite different events.   

       The trouble I have with new olympic sports is I don't care for the olympics. To my mind there are lots of events which would be far superior to the existing ones - but I must concede that I'm not coming at it from a love of sports.
Loris, Feb 21 2024

       I'm definitely not a lover of sports, esp team sports unless there is some creative component ie football with players dressed as crabs etc.
xenzag, Feb 21 2024

       That's too bad, sports are a way to vent animal aggression without anybody getting hurt.   

       Except maybe the guys getting paid ten million a year.
doctorremulac3, Feb 21 2024


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