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rope and carabiner-free rock climbing with drones

Drones fly above you, and quickly lodge rescue equipment in crevices if (when) you detach from the recreational climbing rock face
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This is suggested by, and has many similarities to [wjt]'s ice crevasse rescue idea [link]. It kind of takes that idea vertical and adds drones.

Rock climbing; at 2020AD it's got a bunch of rope mass and equipment. Some really experienced climbers do freeclimbing without the gear. What if drones scoped out all the optimal crevices above you to anchor a super lightweight monofilament rescue line? Then you would be free to climb with almost no equipment because the drones would be above your position, ready to anchor you instantly if there is a detach-from-climbing face event.

Instead of 2020 style wedging little things in rock crevices, and doing things with carabiners and ropes to rescue recreational climbers from their fall if (when) they become detached from the rock face, people could have their safety assured with drones, perhaps with software/AI that finds the very best rock crevices to wedge things in. The specially engineered low noise drone(s) fly at the cliff face in a holding pattern, centimeters from really great anchoring rock crevices. they are however unconnected to the rock crevices. If anything happens they ere poised to energetically place an anchor or wedge thing in the crevice they are near very rapidly.

If the person detaches from the cliff face the drones instantly (.5-2 seconds or faster) anchor the really low mass filament rescue lines at the super-high-quality crevices the AI has already located. If necessary the drone can use an explosive penetrative bolt on the rock it is flying next to if the crevices are inadequate. The person's fall is interrupted in less than .5-2 seconds.

The advantages of having drones with filament flying above you, poised to instantly embed rescue anchors is that You Get To Carry Less Stuff!

I perceive that from what fishing line says about itself a drone could save my life with say 3-7 fishing line width filaments supporting me. or perhaps, just one monofilament of engineering resin polymer. For comfort at rock face detaching I would have my end of the filament attached to a comfy around the pelvis webbing form.

The 2029 version has the drone's computer unerringly shoot a filament bearing mass (shuttle/needle) perfectly through any of several loops on your garments if you detach from the rock face. You do not even have to have a filament attached to you for rescue.

Some purists might carry their own food and water on the rock face, others would just let drones bring them food and water!

beanangel, Jan 05 2021

[wjt] rescues people from ice crevasses with podracer-like explosive anchoring Anchorbite
[beanangel, Jan 05 2021]

Belt-fed pyrotechnic jackhammer Belt-fed_20pyrotechnic_20jackhammer
Could be redesigned to install pitons. [8th of 7, Jan 05 2021]


       It's very fortunate that so many vertical rock faces at high altitude are so plentifully provided with electrical outlets where climbers can recharge their equipment, and that miniature rotary-wing devices aren't affected by decreased atmospheric density in the way that full-size ones are ...
8th of 7, Jan 05 2021


       um, photovoltaics...
beanangel, Jan 05 2021

       It does strain credulity somewhat ... even a Bill of Materials, without costings, would be a useful starting point.   

       //photovoltaics //   

       It's very fortunate that photovoltaics are so lightweight, robust, compact and notably efficient, otherwise it might prove difficult to climb.   

       We do, however, applaud the concept if the airborne explosively-propelled piton gin. Presumably this is a recoilless device, or employs rocket technology ? We await elaboration of the details with great interest.
8th of 7, Jan 05 2021

       //piton gin// - mmm, delicious!

//Presumably this is a recoilless device// - this can easily be achieved by simultaneously firing an identical piton in the opposite direction at the same time
hippo, Jan 05 2021

       Why not just use a full size helicopter? That way you can remain seated the whole time, and get back to your hotel in time for pre-dinner drinks.
pocmloc, Jan 05 2021

       We will leave that serendipitous misspelling uncorrected ...   

       Yes, a device that fires two dangerous sharp metal objects in opposite directions is one of the most endearing aspects of the idea (NB may cause serious injury or death if used correctly ).   

       // Why not just use a full size helicopter? //   

       Quite apart from the inherent risks of rotary-wing flight, such flight in mountainous areas - where airflows are often violent and unstable - renders the likelihood of "getting home for pre-dinner drinks " significantly challenging.
8th of 7, Jan 05 2021

       //two dangerous sharp metal objects// - hang on a moment - to be sure of getting a good anchor on the rock you need to fire off at least 10 or 20 pitons
hippo, Jan 05 2021

       So, belt fed, recoilless ... this is getting better and better ...   


       Also, pitons are normally used as secure attachment points for carabiners ...
8th of 7, Jan 05 2021

       Work in some cat nip and he'll have an orgasm.
Voice, Jan 05 2021

       That's what's written on his membership card for the local massage parlour
hippo, Jan 05 2021

       The 2039 version just shoots a giant pin through you into the cliff face, leaving you wriggling like an entomology specimen that was taken out of the killing jar too soon. Later, nanobots repair some of the physical and psychological damage.
spidermother, Jan 06 2021


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