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Programmable cell-phone headsets for Schizophrenics

Headsets talk back with calming words
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I've long thought that it would be beneficial to provide schizophrenics with cell-phone headsets so they could talk with their imaginary friends without drawing unwanted attention. However, it just struck me that it might helpful if the headsets could be programmed to talk back – providing reassuring and calming conversation during mental breaks.

The headset/recorder could be designed to respond to troubling key words or phrases with some sort of calming response. They could be programmed by the user during times of mental stability (when they're on their meds) or by a care-giver. (Of course, they could also be programmed by an evil relative who might want to encourage certain violent or self-destructive tendencies)

As an alternative -- without the users knowledge -- the headsets might also be designed to inject mood-altering drugs into the wearer when they become too excited or loud. Or, they might send out a cell-phone alert to a care-giver when the conversation turns to violence.

jdlaugh, Jan 03 2008


       The "cellphones for the homeless" as a gag is old; I've seen several stand-up comedians do that.

       But why not give them cell-phones with *people* on the other end to talk to.
FlyingToaster, Jan 04 2008

       The idea of the dummy phone is old -- the focus here is one that talks back...
jdlaugh, Jan 04 2008

       people who have irregular heartbeats are given holter monitors to help with treatment.   

       your device could also serve as a monitor to help with schizophrenia management. it will give an accurate picture of what the patient is going through.
pyggy potamus, Jan 04 2008


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