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Sunglasses Audio Recorder

What do people say about me?
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1. When I go to someone's house I usually leave my sunglasses behind
2. When someone leaves my house I will briefly chat about them with my partner (and I assume other people do likewise).

I want an audio recorder that is hidden in the frame of my sunglasses. When I 'accidentally' leave them at someone's house it records what they think about me. When I eventually get the sunglasses back, I could then take out the microSD card and hear what people really think about me.

amicus curious, May 29 2011


       Baked. About USD$ 80 inc. shipping. Try eBay.   

       Widely Known To Exist.
8th of 7, May 29 2011

       Or just call yourself, go to voicemail, and leave your mobile behind.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 29 2011

       The electronics would need to be extremely well hidden. Your 'friends' are going to be handling the sunglasses, so any button or microSD card slot opening are going to stand out. I suggest the electronics is completely sealed, with data and recharging energy transferred wirelessly. To turn the recording device on, rather than using a button, the sunglasses could be activated by a particular combination of opening and closing the arms of the sunglasses.
xaviergisz, May 29 2011

       8th of 7, I can't find any sunglasses with HIDDEN audio recorder. The sunglasses with audio recording are chunky and ugly.   

       Oh, btw, your whole "I'm a borg joke" is getting real old.
amicus curious, May 30 2011

       actually it would be kind of fun if the personal item spoke up   

       "i've been clinging to that persons face all evening, and I must say live and let live!"   

       "I really respect your privacy, ...our privacy, though so I wont be passing along what you said"   

       That way you have a nonsentient advocate urging others to seek a higher plane of mutual appreciation as well as speak kindly of you. Perhaps the advocate could respond with modest elan to deserved praise "just another human, like you"   


       Software could figure out what the item was supposed to say
beanangel, Jun 01 2011


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