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Project B.A.D.G.E.

10 Ol' Mistress, 10 Lies Rot Mess, 10 Misers Stole, 10 Store Smiles, 10 Site Morsels
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"Welcome, recruit, to Project B.A.D.G.E. In the event that you find some curiosity, welling in your shallow breast, regarding our acronym, know that it stands for Bellicose Anagrammatizers Defacing Grammatical Errors."

"Our purpose: To engender confusion in all things non-conforming to our Grammatical Standards. If an infraction is found, report to Central Command and we will Anagrammatize the Problem."

"Once a grammatical infraction is discovered, an elite tactical unit is issued to the source of the Problem. Each unit consists of three specialists: the Spotter, the Distractor, and the Anagrammatizer."

"The Spotter is sent to the location of the problem, who confirms the issue and reconnoiters the nature of the infraction, the letters involved, the dimensions of the region to be anagrammatized, color scheme, and various other data which will allow for maximum conformation of the anagram replacing the host-source material."

"The Distractor serves the essential purpose of diverting attention by any means possible. Tactics vary with the mission; from inciting riots to removing electrical power from a regional grid, these folks are the essential 'handymen' of the units."

"The Anagrammatizer completes the creative aspect of the mission, by manipulating the infraction's source material into either a subversive or confounding anagram, and then conforming the material so that the reprints are indistinguishable from the original grammatical infraction's source material."

"Once the distractions planned by the Distractor are initiated, the Spotter and the Anagrammatizer enter into the target area, each bearing precisely anagrammatized replacement-material carefully concealed and concordant with the disguises appropriated by the D and the A. Replacement materials vary from coloured sticker reprints to laminated wallpaper."

"Each Problem resolution is a surgical strike, aimed at the heart of (what we deem to be) the improperly educated. We will teach through absurd graffiti!"

idyll, Mar 26 2003

For those who can't cope: http://www.halfbake...Pedants_20Anonymous
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Looking to recruit! http://www.graffiti.org
A glimpse into the creative minds of our clandestine Art Department. [idyll, Oct 17 2004]

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Boasters of Oxymoronic-Nomenclature, Educated Sinistrally. [idyll, Oct 17 2004]

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Spray cans, pedantry. It's all the same to me. [st3f, Oct 17 2004]


       I hereby dedicate this idea to: [Frosted Diva claW ale] and to the inspiration of the [viDeo aWard call Fest.]
idyll, Mar 26 2003

       I prefer to employ Beneficent Actively Sadistic Total Annihilation Retroactive Destruction Squads to fight against your B.A.D.G.E operatives.
Freelancer, Mar 26 2003

       Make no bones about it, we've learned our lessons. A link for you, [Freelancer].
idyll, Mar 26 2003

       Er, is this what you're looking for? <link>
st3f, Mar 26 2003

       The differences are that B.A.D.G.E. operatives aren't necessarily pedants, and their missions focus on converting grammatically incorrect statements into something nonesensical via anagrams. While I see the similarity, [st3f], this is a different mission in spirit and in tactics.
idyll, Mar 26 2003


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