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Sculptural graffiti

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Graffiti as art (which subtly differs from graffiti as vandalism) can be excellent. Artists spend their own time and money (and often risk penalties) to share their art with the world. The anarchic approach of graffiti (if not always the result) agrees with me more than the sterile approach (or pseudo-anarchic approach) that a lot of contemporary art is created in (made to appease the critics, buyers, galleries etc).

Anyway, I think it is time for graffiti art to explore the 3rd dimension.

To make it graffiti rather than just public sculpture, a few key elements of 2D graffiti should be retained. Firstly, the graffiti should go on existing structures (ie not free standing). Secondly, the graffiti should be removable without leaving too much scarring of the original structure (ie no bolts left sticking out of the wall). Thirdly, it should try and keep with the style that was developed for use with spray cans (I can't describe this very well; kind of angular and outlined).

From a practical perspective, the graffiti must be a) cheap, b) easy to make, c) large and d) transportable. I think flat-pack constructions (made of sturdy cardboard, plastic or metal sheet) meet these criteria nicely. There are plenty of direct digital manufacturing companies such as ponoko.com which will laser cut sheet material into any desired shape which would make the graffiti artist's job easier. Once constructed the 3D graffiti would then be stuck to the wall, utility box or light pole with a strong glue.

I think the quality of the 3D graffiti would generally be quite high because of the planning required and the cost of manufacture.

xaviergisz, Oct 15 2009

Public papercraft ponies http://www.boingboi...ft-po.html#comments
[xaviergisz, Jul 15 2011]

Surfing Madonna http://www.google.c...gTqyiB9TZiAL6_9m_Aw
hows this for 3d guerrilla graffiti art? [bungston, Jul 15 2011]


       [+] for the idea except for the 'grafitti' bit. "grafitti as art" is usually good only when compared to "grafitti as vandalism".
FlyingToaster, Oct 15 2009

       Maybe have a compound in a spray can that hardens?
DrWorm, Oct 15 2009

       [DrWorm] - an AB Foam compound (Gorilla-Filla, Selley's Space Invader) should be OK, if you can take the expansion and setting time into account in your design.
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 15 2009

       [bungston], great link to a nice piece of art in our fair city.
normzone, Jul 15 2011


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