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Promotional product

A friction-fit can-cup ... KanKup
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Every time I pop a drink-can I think of this one from my "Oh that's too obvious file"... but yet another search revealed nothing like it in the markets

It's a small cup that friction- fits the standard drink-can and does several obvious things.

[1] it seals in the fizz for a later swig

[2] it serves as a cup for more elegant swallowing and more hygienic sharing to please health authorities etc. [A big advantage?]

[3 it could be made cheaply enough to give away world-wide with promoters' ads

[4] it could be easily made biodegradable or recyclable.

[5] it has a good protectable name to catch on and become universal ... KanKup.

[6] its introduction doesn't require redesign of existing machinery for making cans.

There must be a bug in the idea somewhere.

Enlighten me.

rayfo, May 16 2001

promo excitement - promotional product https://promoexcitement.com/
this exists now [looonghamster, Oct 04 2016]

Common can cozy https://promoexcite...-tastic-can-cooler/
mentioned in my anno [notexactly, Oct 11 2016]


       Wouldn't the cup be slightly tapered?
rayfo, May 16 2001

       And on a hot day, it would make an EXcellent rocket launcher. What if it had twin hinges operated from 1 push/pull - akin to a sealed jar - but with cup free of hinge apparatus? Flip cup over, and voila or something like that
thumbwax, May 16 2001

       The only thing I see on that website that goes on a can is the well-known neoprene can cozy, which probably existed back in 2001: [link]   

       This idea is not that. I'm not sure what it is, though.
notexactly, Oct 11 2016


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