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Potato Cola

Substitute Oarnge Juice - Nutritious and Cheap
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Fresh squeezed oarnge juice is so damn expensive! What's the difference between oarnge juice and oarnge sugar water which costs almost nothing, I was thinking. Pulp! So Oarnge pulp is expensive. So couldn't you use pulp from somthing else that wasn't so expensive? What about potatos? They are inexpensive. So a high note like oarnge aid and a low note like potato pulp and you would have an inexpensive nutritious drink.
JesusHChrist, Oct 21 2005


       <report from a news helicopter above a thundering green stampede>   

       What you see here viewers is absolutely remarkable. The entire population of Dublin seems to have just erupted. It's an absolute frenzy. They seem to be heading for the new Potato Cola bottling plant.. Jesus H Christ, it looks for all the world like a lemming rush. The frail and the small are being trampled in the rush. Oh the humanity. (+)   

       <whump whump/>
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 21 2005

       Do you mean <whackity, wackity, whackity, wackity>?
bristolz, Oct 21 2005

       No, it's an army surplus Iroquois, not a Squirrel. :)
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 21 2005

       Use oranges instead - they're much less expensive than oarnges.
coprocephalous, Oct 21 2005

       Do potatoes have pulp?   

       What does potato juice taste like?   

       (sneaks into kitchen to take a swig of vodka)   

       oh.... om... k pokiaml....
Cedar Park, Oct 21 2005

calum, Oct 21 2005

       When you learn to spell 'orange', or adequately explain why you needed to coin the word 'oarnges' for your idea, I will reconsider my [-].
dbmag9, Oct 21 2005

       don't change it - I prefer Oarnge - a sort of oar for rowing an "nge", which is probably Clingon for a canoe
xenzag, Oct 21 2005

       There's a kind of loagic to this.
wagster, Oct 21 2005

       They say that nothing rhymes with the word oarnge.
st3f, Oct 21 2005

       I looked up & found that potatoes seem to have more good stuff in 'em than do oranges. (Vitamin C being one of the few things that it was out done by the orange).   

       + w/ a hope that the concoction actually tastes good.
Zimmy, Oct 21 2005

       Mmm ... carbonated liquefied mashed potatoes   

       Also good for ironing.
Zimmy, Oct 21 2005

       Keeps the crease in my trousers, and tastes great!
normzone, Oct 21 2005

       Supports me in my wobbly pursuit of happiness? Bun.
reensure, Oct 21 2005

       uh... patented in israel.   

       they take the orange pulp from food industry and add it to the orange 'flavored' chemical juice.   

       tastes good...sorta.
supershnitzel, Oct 23 2005


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