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Propane fueled video display

for a more watchable fireplace
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A wood-fueled fireplace is a wonderful thing to watch while meditating. The glowing coals slowly change as they are consumed.

The newer propane-fired "gas logs" are about as interesting to watch as a custardless speed bump.

However, a proper propane burner can be constructed, having a large number of individually controlled orifices, each forming a pixel of fire, which I shall call a "pyroxel".

From the rear of the burner, a set of fine tubes runs up into each orifice, and can instill a small quantity of a variety of metal salt solutions into each pyroxel, thereby varying its color and intensity.

The resolution will admittedly be low, the remanance long, and the response time slow. It will not suffice for full motion video, and may only have the color range of an EGA screen. It may have some advantages in special effects images.

Far more entertaining than a "gas log", though.

(A quick tip of the cap to [8th of 7]'s "Coloured coal", a much less costly alternative.)

(Oh, and marshmallows. I forgot to mention the marshmallows.)

lurch, Oct 23 2002

Coloured Coal http://www.halfbake...dea/Coloured_20Coal
related idea by [8th of 7] mentioned above [krelnik, Oct 23 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Ruben's Tube http://www.answers.com/Ruben's%20Tube
Like a much more advanced version of one of these. [quantum_flux, Nov 18 2007]


       Toast. You could cook toast on it. Or a croissant. Very nice.
8th of 7, Oct 23 2002

       Another thing I forgot to mention: Since the pyroxels are individually controllable, each can be varied in height. This can be used to produce a 3D effect.   

       Given the standard colors of gas blue / sodium yellow, with enhanced colors (or sparkles, flashes & smokes) determined by salts added to the hoppers, it should be possible to come up with some video games. Which ones should I include in the fireplace ROM?
lurch, Oct 23 2002

       Missile Command
krelnik, Oct 23 2002

       3D effect? I am psyched!   

       New Game Release 8/7:   

       Pyro's Dragon// First Flame
hollajam, Oct 23 2002

       Pyroxel is a cool name but the whole system needs a name that is just as cool. I suggest... *tries to think* ... erm ... how about 'screen of hellfire'   

       anybody else?
Alphaman, Oct 23 2002

       I will, of course, attempt to convince CreativeLabs to make the GasBlaster video board...
lurch, Oct 23 2002

       //Far more entertaining than a "gas log", though//
Also far more entertaining is a gas "fire pit" wherein a gas distributing device (pipe with holes)is buried in sand. The gas percolates up through the sand and is lit. The flames dance about the surface of the sand fairly chaotically. As an added bonus, zen garden type patterns can be traced in the sand. The flames don't ever reach the height of those in gas logs, they stay low and close to the surface of the sand. I'll try to find a link when I get time.

       There's been a lot of mention of metals as a way to color flames. Anyone know of gasses that have a similar effect? I have heard that a certain amount of nitrogen is added to natural gas in colder temperatures and an indicator of this is that the flame has a tendency to burn at least partially yellow.
half, Oct 23 2002

       As for gases to add colour I think that any gas that works in a flourescent tube also works in flame.
Alphaman, Oct 23 2002

       The ultimate gas plasma display...
waugsqueke, Oct 23 2002

       How about Pyxel?   

       Where do you dump the heat?
phoenix, Oct 23 2002

       // How about Pyxel? // When I tried it in Google, I got 95 hits. "Pyroxel" only got 2, and one of them was a misprint.   

       //Where do you dump the heat?// When the temperature reaches the thermostat setting, it shuts off. How do you get *your* kids off the video game?   

       [hollajam], so far I've gotten to the "Pyro's Dragon" splash screen. Flame shoots out three feet. Careful how you prop your feet in front of the fireplace.
lurch, Oct 23 2002

       I expect that the resolution and pixel colour limitations you will get will be similar to old 8 bit home computer screens. Thus the PyroDrive will be a retro product and will ship with 1000s of ZX Spectrum and Vic20 games.   

       If you modulated a gas valve with a piezo, you could get authentic lo-fi bleeps. People old enough to remember the Vic20 are in the age bracket likely to be renovating an old property and thus replacing fireplaces....
shameless_self_reference, Oct 24 2002

       [Lurch], what do you think the story Pyro's Dragon/ First Flame revolves around?   

       First Flame: Is it about coming of age rage? First love? Rambo?
I'm undecided.

       I think you gotta have those little pattering hooves sound effects going. And a goat thing bleating here and there.
hollajam, Oct 24 2002

       Did you know that if you throw a handful of creamora into a fire it works like flash powder? Can I try this on your propane flame?
Aurora, Oct 24 2002

       When you run out of fuel, does this become a coloured smoke signal screen?   

       Black, crumbling pastry for you (i hit the wrong button).
sadie, Oct 28 2002

       I once had one like this at work.
Was very interesting to look at.
I'm not sure how it worked, something to do with OS2 and connection wires - but my boss was a bit angry about it, because of the smell it left in our building.

       The rest of us enjoyed it profoundly.
pashute, May 04 2003

       + Love the idea. When you are not watching TV or working the computer you can put in a DVD of an actual log fireplace.
JAK, Jul 29 2005

       Yeah, that would be really cool, or should I say 'warm'. Kind of like a really advanced version of a Ruben's Tube.
quantum_flux, Nov 18 2007


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