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A man writes a prophetic book that goes viral. Then something is discovered.
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In 1986, a man writes a Sci-Fi book of prophecies about the Coronavirus and what will happen in the world in those years, detailing the history up to then.

The book goes viral at the end of 2023 and becomes a bestseller. People find the author who is now 59 years old, and he begins giving "religious" lectures, reading from his own book and explaining it as divine.

He believes he is "connecting to the world" and talks about cooperation, methods for the elimination of violence and war, using no physical violence to achieve that, and smart scientifically based strategies to achieve the ultimate goals of socialism, liberalism, and capitalism, without hurting anyone's feelings.

More and more people follow him, and his new "religion". He dies in 2072, but his following continues to grow steadily while his strategies seem to work.

People abandon phanaticism, forget about conspiracy theories, and adopt new "customs" that include time away from screens, and watching alternative narratives that replace violent content on the media.

Corrupt regimes end in a peaceful change of power, and former poor countries now distribute employment opportunities with good jobs in robotics or the humor industry. All the shitty jobs are done by machines.

By 2080 the Vatican becomes a museum of Catholicism, The Islamic world unites under the Ahmadic teachings, and the Arab-Israeli conflict is finally solved when the last Israeli converts to the Jewish section of the UISR (Unified Islamic Secular Religion).

Then it is discovered that "Prophetic" was actually written in 2023, and not in 1986 as claimed. There is now a worldwide debate between the believers and the reformers.

There is a sequel which he claimed to have written in 1987 but it is never found.

pashute, Sep 11 2023


       There are many many books of prophecies that are stunningly accurate, because they were secretly written after the events that the prophecised actually happened.   

       How is this pitch different from, say, Nostradamus, or Mother Shipton, or Thomas of Erceldoune?
pocmloc, Sep 11 2023

       //People abandon phanaticism//   


       //How is this pitch different// This one is a movie plot with a moral and sex and explosions and everything. Wait, [pashute] tell me there will be explosions or my bun goes bye bye.
Voice, Sep 11 2023

       You haven't seen Old Mother Shipton The Movie, obviously.
pocmloc, Sep 11 2023

       Scientology 2.0
Sgt Teacup, Sep 11 2023

       Steven Wright said he was having premonitions of his flashbacks.
minoradjustments, Sep 14 2023

       People don't want to listen to somebody who can accurately predict future events.
They just don't.

I know this for sure.

       No. I can't tell you how I know. I wish I could. If I could... then we'd all know. This is apparently not allowed or somesuch.   

       ...but yes, precognition is a thing. It just is. <shrugs>   


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