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Super Smash Bros;The Movie

The Game you Love is now a Movie
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Done by CGI, the movie concerns a mad doctor, played by Chris Lloyd, ripping a hole in time and space while, at the same time, next door, a Super Smash Bros. playoff is being held. When the doctor sends a beam of pure light into a black hole, the machine also pulls from the screen characters from the game, such as Donkey Kong, and Sonic and Fox, along with Mario and Peach into our world.

Once the beings appear, they start to fight in the streets of L.A. while still retaining their super powers. The army cannot stop them; the police are helpless..Finally, the doctor,along with Mario, learn that the Game Master, a young man who is a champion video gamer, can unlock the secret to stop the fighting and send them back.

Dogcat, Mar 21 2008


       This sounds like the plot of a poor-quality early '90s straight-to-video.
david_scothern, Mar 22 2008

       Let me guess - you're a gamer, right?
wagster, Mar 22 2008

       Maybe they could turn this into a Futuramma Spoof
quantum_flux, Mar 22 2008

       Ever see Spy Kids 3D? I did, and I wish I hadn't, so I wish no-one would have to see this film.
Germanicus, Apr 02 2008


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