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Psychic Pool Card Game

Guessing cards from the top of a deck will be red or black game.
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Psychic Pool Card Game. The deck is shuffled, and two players take turns taking the top card off the deck after they have said if it's going to be red or black. If they get it right they keep going, guessing and turning over the next card off the top of the deck until they get it wrong. When finally guessed wrong, the wrong card is placed on the other player's side and becomes the start of his run.

The cards could be placed down in a way that both player's runs are overlapping on the table like a zipper, so the history of the runs are clearly shown. When the deck is finished, all the cards are counted to see who won.

I would prefer it be a race to 30 each game because that would make the ending more exciting. But to do that, the running tally would have to be always known without counting. If it was an iPad app, a race to 30 could be possible.

In the 20 or so times I played this, it's surprising how often runs of 11 or 12 cards happen for both players. But I think that normal and called Benford's law.

epic2, Dec 13 2020


       Welcome back!   

       I like this. Once you become too good at it you can up the ante by guessing a suit each time, and then if it's a face card or not.   

       //race to 30//
Umm, you do know that there are only 52 cards in a standard deck? So you want a "race to 27".
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 14 2020

       Since it's a "psychic" game, maybe it uses a 78-card Tarot deck ?
8th of 7, Dec 14 2020

       I have a magic trick in which I can do this with 100% accuracy.
RayfordSteele, Dec 14 2020

       ^ you remove all the red cards?
whatrock, Dec 14 2020

       //I have a magic trick in which I can do this with 100% accuracy.//   

       New deck?   

       Nope and nope. Sorry.
RayfordSteele, Dec 14 2020


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