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Reverse Solitaire

Nothing special, easily baked
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As said above, nothing special, just solitaire played in reverse, with aces as the kings, the twos as queens, threes as jacks, and so on. Just like solitaire, except the cards are going in a different order.
froglet, Feb 22 2005


       From just the title, I assumed reverse computer solitaire. The human deals, and the computer plays.
robinism, Feb 22 2005

       Unlikely, as solitaire was originally a card game, played with real cards (hard to believe, I know), but it was open to the flaws of people cheating, and then computer solitaire came.
froglet, Feb 22 2005

       bit more detail required, tadpole.
po, Feb 24 2005

       yes, polywiggle, as po suggests...more detail required. solitaire, the manual version, is great during power cuts. Reverse Solitaire: a whole community of humans endlessly dealing out cards to one lone computer, hoping to hit the jaquepóte
Edie, Feb 19 2018


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