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Uber for tripping/tripsitting in cyclicial fashion
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You know that afterglow you have for a couple of hours when you're coming down from some quality psychedelics?

When you've been through the best and the worst, and now you're just letting that calm and wisdom flow through you?

When you want nothing more than to spread that slippery loving-kindness to every single sentient form, nothing more than to pour that brimming heart into a stranger, while you can still feel the truth of it, still feel like a local among the machine elves, but not foaming at the mouth?

That's the perfect time to shepherd someone into their next trip.

Pscyle is Uber for tripsitting—get an experienced tripper to tripsit you, when they're at their comedown-best. No more feeling like a test subject with your non-tripping friends! No more risky raves with everyone peaking at the same time and turning into complete trainwrecks!

Then as soon as you're starting to sober down enough to speak in full sentences (but still raring to remind the next lost soul of the oneness of everything), become a sitter and keep the psycle going! Make sure that every comedown is a comeup somewhere!

Bonus: Logo is Albert Hoffman on bicycle day.

Alternative business models:

- As a centralized commercial service that delivers trained sitters at your doorstep: Psyche-Deli

- As an exchange between droppers and sitters where you can auction off your services: Drop/Sit Live (DSL)

haskell, Aug 01 2020


       For some people, Charon is the tripsitter. He is, after all, called the psychopomp. Just look what happened to Abbie Hoffman.
4and20, Aug 01 2020

       At university I started reading a collection of interviews regarding peoples' definition of personal meaning. One interviewee had been attending an Ivy league university, tried LSD for the first time, lay down on the carpet, and woke up in the asylum where he was finally interviewed years later. Not sure what a tripsitter could have done, except drive him there.
4and20, Aug 01 2020


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