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Pubic Transport

Boris (Hetro) Carriages
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It's been a long day in a busy London office. I affix my earphones, select some music, and I dread the journey home. Step off the escalator, onto the platform. It's hot and muggy. I avoid eye-contact with everyone else. There's probably no need, I'm fairly sure everyone else is doing the same. Pretending to read important messages on their phones. Reading papers. Distracted.

I wander down the platform, noting placement of the "Mind The Gap" notices and door-window height Station ident signs - From experience I know that they're where the carriage doors will be when the train comes to a halt. I select an inter-carriage space on the platform, so I can stand in my favourite spot - the well by an open window where the airflow's best. A refreshing breeze - the tube train's coming, I shuffle slightly closer to the perceived edge of where the door will be, to let others off. Hopefully they'll leave me my space. The Beatles' Eleanor Rigby plays as the tube train draws in. 3 couples get off.
Seats fully populated, but surprisingly uncrowded. Lots of standing space for me. The breeze makes the journey a little more bearable. The grey, white-yellow spattered floor design's so dull that after 10 minutes, that I look up, and notice something a little odd. Staring down the carriage I notice something unusual: Pink seats on the left, Blue seats on the right. Men and women separated, and sitting in a neat row opposite each-other. I'd inadvertently found my way on one of Boris's Singles carriages. I wait for a seat...

Dub, Aug 14 2012


       All you would need is some tables and you'd have yourself a mobile speed dating service.
skinflaps, Aug 14 2012

       For some reason I don't think the men and women would remain separated for very long...
RayfordSteele, Aug 14 2012

       [RS] making it as successful as his bike-hire scheme
Dub, Aug 14 2012

       & Boris announces over the station speaker "mind the gap!"
po, Aug 14 2012


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