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Public transport logic gates

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I can't believe this idea hasn't already been done.

Everyone is familiar with ticket barriers for big city underground or subway trains. This idea is to use sophisticated face recognition and pattern recognition to look at the appearance of a person going through such gates, combine the resulting variables describing appearance and facial features with those of a person at a neighbouring barrier according to one or other logical operators, and display the result on a screen.

So, if you approach one of a pair of OR barriers, the screen will display an image of a person with both your magnificent bosom, and also the lovely hipster beard and topknot of your neighbour. NAND gates will show only those features neither of you possess. At the end of the line of gates there will be a solitary NOT gate which will display the opposite of you.
hippo, Nov 24 2017


       Bitwise Flagword might be a good pseudonym to blog under, but how many bits wide would be the word that captured your appearance? Perhaps as many as you would use in the card game "Guess Who"?   

       Wait; what do you do about bits that aren't orthogonal? HasRedHair OR HasBlackHair? OK, you could do that with stripes. But what about IsExtraordinarilyTall OR IsExtraordinarilyShort?
pertinax, Nov 24 2017

       [pertinax] Yes, variables with more than two values are a problem
[Ian] implementing something like a half-adder?
hippo, Nov 25 2017

       // something like a half-adder? //   

       You could presumably use Python to write the code ...
8th of 7, Nov 25 2017


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