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Public Dishwashers II

door-to-door dishwasher
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with a washing machine on a trolly
Voice, Apr 29 2010

Portable Dishwashers http://products.how...hwasher-reviews.htm
Have Dolly; Will Travel. ~ Paladin [jurist, Apr 29 2010, last modified Jan 25 2015]


       Portable dishwashers are not a new invention, [21Q]. <link> Rather than resorting to truck-mounted cleaning equipment a portable unit could be temporarily installed in the client's own kitchen or laundry/utility area. But a service to perform that chore on a door-to-door basis does seem novel and enterprising to me, not unlike the neighborhood kids who used to provide local lawn and gardening services after school and on weekends. I suspect this business might fare best in densely occupied pre-War high-rise apartment buildings (which are least likely to already have built-in dishwashers) with elevators (so that the Serviceman doesn't have to lug his machine up and down flights of stairs).
jurist, Apr 29 2010

       If it worked like "office water coolers", then that would be a monthly equipment leasing business with additional consumable product sales. Presumably, [Voice]'s customers like to have their dishware cleaned on a more frequent and regular basis, which makes this a daily (or other agreed interval) route service business, and the equipment is not leased or rented.
jurist, Apr 30 2010

       A brilliant business plan that needs not a word more of detail. Door to door dish washing service +
rcarty, Apr 30 2010

       Mickey Rooney couldn't have summarized it better.
jurist, Apr 30 2010


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