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Open source dishwasher

Dishwashing can be fun, too
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The dishwasher at my home offers several programs - normal, economy 45°, intense, pre-cleaning etc. I haven't the slightest idea what all that means (except maybe for the 45°). I never noticed any difference in the quality of dishwashing. I wonder if those programs are just different labels for the same routine.

I'd rather have an (Open Source) API which supports all the dishwashers functions, heaters, actuators and sensors and by which I might program my own dishwashing routines. Then I might even while walking through the woods get an error message of the dishwasher which would prepare me for a totally flooded kitchen floor on my return (because I forgot to check for a "stack overflow"). To quote MaxwellBuchanan: The possibilities would be unlimitless.

Toto Anders, Jan 28 2016

Arduino Controlled Dishwasher http://www.neonsquirt.com/dishwasher.html
[ytk, Jan 31 2016]


       Most dishwashers are designed round a fairly limited microcontroller; the popular choice for many years was the PIC16. Nothing more than a basic 8-bit CPU is needed.   

       They probably blow the write-only fuse on the PIC to stop hobbyists reading it back ... but it's not rocket surgery. Just stick a Raspberry Pi in there and the world is the aquatic bivalve mollusc of your choice.
8th of 7, Jan 28 2016

       Hmm... I wonder if I could use it to cook some bivalve mollusks...
RayfordSteele, Jan 29 2016

       You had me at "open source"
Voice, Jan 31 2016

       This has actually been done. Turns out dishwashers are actually pretty simple devices, and it's not too hard to hack one with an Arduino and a soldering iron. (see link)
ytk, Jan 31 2016

       Not so much API, more APE.   

       Drones remove washing up from the premises, it is then flown to a baboon enclosure where they lick everything clean. Stuff then given a once-over with a wet-wipe, thence conveyed back, with none the wiser, wu ha ha ha.   

       All of this is all prophesied in the Bible "All the rivers run into the sea, and yet the sea is never full, and so the water returns from whence the river came." Oddly not a single mention of baboons though. Lost in translation, no?
not_morrison_rm, Feb 01 2016

       I was going to write: Arduino controlled dishwasher and then I saw ytk's link.
pashute, Feb 01 2016

       //I was going to write: Arduino controlled dishwasher   

       But, you did write "Arduino controlled dishwasher". You're just trying to confuse me.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 02 2016

       I was going to write: Arduino controlled dishwasher and then I saw ytk's link.
pashute, Feb 02 2016


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