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Why is it still here?
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Everything, barring 'token voting', that goes into this category get's fishboned. What is it's purpose? The conclusion that we can draw is that most Halfbakers don't like weighted voting, so why does it have a category?
Selky, Sep 28 2009


       Things have categories when they collect enough submissions to justify one, whether they're any good or not.
RayfordSteele, Sep 28 2009

       Oh god no, not libertarians!
RayfordSteele, Sep 28 2009

       [-] posting isn't just for pastries... I don't even like some of my own ideas.   

       "I never said it was a *good* idea"
FlyingToaster, Sep 28 2009

       [halfbakery help]//advocacy - the post promotes or protests an existing, often widely discussed, issue X that is very important to the author, without inventing new means to bring about or stop the discussed issue. This includes ideas to clone, kill, jail, or tax all people who do X; filters to prevent people from seeing or hearing X; translators who turn X into something more palatable; animals or robots who seek out X and destroy it; as well as suggestions to teach X in schools, give tax credit to people who do X, make X a precondition for voting, public office, marriage, driving, or immigration, or celebrate some deserving subject X on a stamp, bank note, or with a public holiday.//
Selky, Sep 30 2009

       Want your bun ratio max'd;
don't post ideas in Public:Tax
Ideas in Public:Voting:Weighted
too are often fishbone-ated

       </bad poetry>
CaptainClapper, Sep 30 2009

       Fiercely libertarian, and proud of it. I eat nothing but books nowadays.
BunsenHoneydew, Oct 10 2009


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