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Whats wrong with this idea

A place to ask what's wrong with an idea that you know is bad but not why
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Like this one.
pashute, Aug 12 2020


       Here, have a lack of a vote.
FlyingToaster, Aug 12 2020

       Everything. Better to ask "what's not wrong" but then you'd just get the answer "nothing"
pocmloc, Aug 12 2020

       ? What's wrong with my vote ?
blissmiss, Aug 12 2020

       I don't believe you know this idea is bad. The premise is flawed.
zen_tom, Aug 12 2020

       Where do you think you are now?
pertinax, Aug 13 2020

       My annotation is flawed... yet no one will tell me exzactly how.   

       The title should have a question mark at the end
hippo, Aug 13 2020

       It should also have an apostrophe ; "What's", not "Whats".
8th of 7, Aug 13 2020

       "this" should be underlined. oh, you can't do that?
po, Aug 13 2020

       oh, don't people line up to do just that? hahaha...
po, Aug 13 2020

       Do Brits walk on the left side of the hallway?
whatrock, Aug 13 2020

       This is an idea that would be excellent if it was an excellent idea. Leaving it underwater for a month will have this effect, especially if the author is with it to feed it 24/7.
xenzag, Aug 13 2020

       //on the left side of the hallway//   





       OK, yes, sometimes.
pertinax, Aug 13 2020

       Are all Brits left-handed, I wonder?
blissmiss, Aug 13 2020

       ° Only in the mating season.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 14 2020

       What idea?
wagster, Aug 19 2020


       Annotation of the month.   

       [+] just for provoking that fine anno.
doctorremulac3, Aug 19 2020


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