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Puke catching cat collar

When cat pukes, the collar deploys carpet protection.
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Collar contains detector for the unmistakable sound of the cat throwing up, or maybe an accelerometer for the heaving motion. Device in collar shoots-out a sheet of plastic or absorbant material or a barfbag to prevent the puke from hitting the carpet.

I guess it could be used for humans too, or possibly puke-capable robots.

hojotogo, Jul 26 2002

Horse muzzle http://www.horseand...uk/stock/Muzzle.jpg
Miniaturized depiction of an Oversized Cat barf muzzle [thumbwax, Oct 21 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       I am all for less cat vomit but this needs work. I can imagine the cat getting very, very scared of something leaping out from his/her collar whilst trying to vomit thus possibly causing a bigger/more widespread mess.
bluerowan, Jul 27 2002

       I agree, bluerowan. And if the cat is REALLY scared, you will need a bag for the other end of the cat, too.
pfperry, Jul 28 2002

       Me three... although I am intrigued by this idea.   

       I think this device should be distributed at all bars.
polartomato, Jul 28 2002

       This would be a very effective device for bars. Puke-capable robots??
bluerowan, Jul 29 2002

       I like the sound of a cat vomiting. A hand-creme tube squished back an forth sounds like it. I root for the cat when I don't have to clean it up.
Amishman35, Jul 29 2002

       So the cat walks around with a little bag of puke hanging from his neck afterwards?
waugsqueke, Jul 29 2002

       You know, this is so bizzarre it just might work!
Aurora, Jul 30 2002

       Why is [bluerowan] querying puke-capable robots? My hoover already has puke capabilities, which kick in at randomly-assigned intervals...
General Washington, Jul 30 2002

       Dang, I knew cats were good for something. Puke catchers. I think there should be a brigade of cats wearing these roaming the streets, bred to seek out everyone's vomit whenever it might happen.   

"Quick! Get the cat!"
RayfordSteele, Jul 30 2002

       I like the way this idea is headed. Next to using them for traction in snowy weather this is the best cat use yet.
rbl, Jul 30 2002

       Hey I like cats!!!   

       They taste like chicken.
TBK, Oct 21 2002

       Where would this absorbant material be stored? Inside the collar?
chibimagic, Apr 12 2003

       I say that this device is good, in theory... but if you are going to make a device to counter-act cat vomit, why not make one to fix all house training problems that we run into with our pets. There would be no need to house train any animals! All of our problems would be solved. Oh, and by the way, my grand dad has a fartbot and let me tell you, there is nothing greater than seeing an old man walk through the middle of an office building full of ladies using the fartbot!
sona, Sep 12 2003

       i first saw a cat puke on a trip to cornwall. brightened up a dull day actually..
stilgar, Jun 11 2004


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