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The Dog Caller Collar

Collar contains a receiver so your dog can hear you
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You hear those people screaming at their dogs, "COME FLUFFY! FLUFFFFFFFFY! COME HERE NOW!" You are outside trying to enjoy the day without having to hear all this shouting.

The Dog Caller Collar contains a receiver which emits a high-pitched sound that only the dog can hear. The owner has a button which is small enough to be placed in a pocket, with a clip on the back which clips onto clothing.

When the owner is ready to call back fluffy, he/she simply presses the button that is clipped to his/her shirt or pants. The dog hears the high-pitched sound and comes bounding back. Obviously, some training with the collar would be required. But in the end, the owner saves his/her voice. And the neighbors are able to enjoy some peace and quiet.

flynn, Jan 02 2007

Dog Whistles http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog_whistle
What are dog whistles? [flynn, Jan 02 2007]

Tri-Tronics Electronic Dog Training Collars http://www.tritronics.com/default.asp
As per [Heathera]'s annnotation. [jurist, Jan 05 2007]


       ... And how does the dog know where you are? They would normally hone in on the yells/dog whistle, and you are taking away that point of reference.
Custardguts, Jan 02 2007

       [21 Quest] I would say this invention differs from a dog whistle in the following ways:   

       1) Could have a significantly larger range (dependant on specific transmitter technology used).   

       2) More subtle; owner can press the button to call his/her dog without being obvious. For example, the owner is in conversation and noticed his/her dog is wandering off. The owner can press the button without drawing attention to himself/herself. The whistle would certainly disrupt conversation.   

       [Custardguts] I hadn't thought this part out previously, but there could be option that allows the call button to begin transmitting the signal if the dog is out of eye sight. I originally thought of this invention as a way to call your dog indiscriminately while the owner was still relatively near by.
flynn, Jan 02 2007

       There was a contest for original pet product ideas here in Canada recently called Idea Fetch.
Sadly the ideas I posted did not win but that is besides the point. The second place idea was remarkably similar to this one, but instead of a high pitched whistle the collar just contained a speaker so that your dog could be given actual commands at quite a range.

       Well baked - it's a common feature on remote training collars. For instance, some tri-tronics models have a small green button on the controller that causes the collar to make a tone.
Heathera, Jan 04 2007

       [Heathera] Can you provide a link to remote training collar that has this feature... I'm curious. Thanks.
flynn, Jan 05 2007

       [Heathera] I looked at the link posted and those remote electronic dog collars are expensive. If I could develop this at a lower price point, I'd be in business.   

       [BrauBeaton] Yes, I agree. Kids might also be an another application. Way cheaper than a cell phone. [Beep] [Beep] means COME HOME!
flynn, Jan 05 2007

       [21 Quest] I was just looking at the current options that are out there and I didn't like any of them. They were very bulky and really more elaborate than the typical dog owner would need. And way too expensive.
flynn, Jan 06 2007


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