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Pulldown "Green-Roof"

An installable "vegetational green roof" which can easily be pulled down for maintenance
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Works just like electrically contorlled sliding venetian blinds. You install this vegetation over your existing roof. When you need to service it (pick the tomatoes or clean the leaves of bugs) you press the button and it comes down.
pashute, Oct 21 2002


       Nearly baked at my house. Mine is a steel trellis I built for climbing plants. It was designed specifically to shade a south facing wall. The three 4 foot wide by 9 foot high panels have pivot points at the bottom to allow folding the panels down when pins are removed from the top end. Allows painting/maintenance of the wall behind, and trimming of plants on the back side of the trellis.   

       Similar to my idea, so naturally I give it a (+).
half, Oct 21 2002

       Do you have a picture?
pashute, Mar 10 2006

       Bun! Bun bun bun bun. I love this idea. My house has a 1-storey extension at the back with a shallow slope roof, about 1.5 x 4m wide. I envisage this like those sliding conservatory roof blinds, but on the outside instead. I want one to grow strawberries on and keep chickens. {unwind, unwind...*squawk*}
rubyminky, Mar 10 2006


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