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Pumpkins for Halloween Haters

Oh come on, there have got to be a few out there.
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To all costumes dark and ugly
And all kids great and small
With your tasteless masks and bags
How much I hate you all!

And whilst it may seem spiteful
I know it'd be delightful
to put you in a blender
With your jar saying: Return to Sender.

Yes yes yes, I know, less bad poetry, more Halfbakery idea.

Although I haven't got anything against Halloween, there seem to be a few that seem to dislike it with a passion.
For anyone sadistic enough to scare small children, how about a waist-high pumpkin model (with suitable garish look) that growls at the approach of anyone under 5 feet high (kinda like those plastic frogs you get that croak whenever someone comes nearby), and if the kids don't go away, the teeth start to snap, and start chasing after them (on wheels).

froglet, Oct 31 2005


       Can't you just buy a dog? (Seems to me that having something inanimate chase after children is a little more than our current technology is up to, while things that growl when the kiddiwinks approach are Baked in most Halloween stores.)
DrCurry, Oct 31 2005

       Well, I was thinking about something not as permanent as a dog, with feeding it and all, and there is the problem if you got your dog to snarl and snap at small children the dog might see them running, take it as a challenge and chase after them. And aren't there laws if your dog goes and bites someone if the dog is considered dangerous? The pumpkin was just meant to scare kids, and you know that it couldn't hurt anyone on it's own.
froglet, Oct 31 2005

       They also sell leashes and muzzles.
DrCurry, Oct 31 2005

       And who's going to be afraid of a dog in a leash and a muzzle?
froglet, Oct 31 2005

       Small children, like you said. (Except the ones that will try to cuddle it, of course.)
DrCurry, Oct 31 2005

       //(Except the ones that will try to cuddle it, of course.)//   

       *Falls off chair laughing*   

       Haven't you noticed that the kind of children I'm thinking about have no sense of danger when it comes to the real things? Such as dogs. While they would be freaked by a snarling pumpkin? I tried it out on my 7 year old brother - it works.
froglet, Oct 31 2005


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