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Punxsutawney Jesus

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If He comes out of the tomb and sees His shadow, we'll have six more weeks of...

Hm, this was a bad idea.

tatterdemalion, Apr 12 2020

https://www.staff.s...r/easter_text3a.htm Compare difference between Astronomical easter and Catholic/Protestant easter [pocmloc, Apr 12 2020]

http://www.gmarts.org/index.php?go=413 Compare difference between Catholic/Protestant easter and Orthodox easter [pocmloc, Apr 12 2020]


       Very funny, you. Now you better pray the floppy-eared bunny guy still wants to come hippity-hopping down your way.
blissmiss, Apr 12 2020

       The groundhog-worshippers are going to nail you to a tree for blasphemy.   

       Fear them, for although they are very stupid, there are also very many of them.
8th of 7, Apr 12 2020

       Waiter, I'd like the rabbit cacciatore with a side of eggs please.
whatrock, Apr 12 2020

       Last year was 5 weeks between astronomical easter and orthodox easter.   

       Is six weeks difference even possible? If so we should be able to work out what years this will happen.
pocmloc, Apr 12 2020

       Well, it's simple orbital mechanics. Though imputing any significance to inevitable astronomical coincidences appears irrational, i.e. very human.
8th of 7, Apr 12 2020


       Easter occurs at least 3 times in my lifetime on Earth Day, which is also my birthday. Orthodox Easter I think is a bit later?
RayfordSteele, Apr 12 2020


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