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The Citywide Hunt

Yes. Another Paintball Idea.
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A citywide paintball hunt. An assassination attempt. A murder.

Each person in the city, with the excepton of really small children, are issued a paintball gun (for which they must give collateral; must protect against damages). They are also issued photos of their targets (5 targets), and information on their targets. You also get fuzzy, vague photos of your 5 hunters. That, and a cheap cell phone. A section of the city is cordoned off, and participants are herded in, and given 2 hours to scatter. Refs in deer blinds with binoculars sit high above, watching.

Certain participators have been randomly designated as "Cops" and wear special blue vests. They have no targets. At least, not at first.

And the Hunt begins. People are allowed to wander around; allowed to hide, or sit in the open. The goal is to find, and "kill" your "targets". Or, if you can, you may "kill" your "hunter". Once you have killed one of your targets, you are given a new target. Your target's target. You report to a booth, and get photos and info on your new prey. This means for every target you kill, you recieve 5 new targets!

But if you kill your hunter, your hunter's hunters becomes your hunters, in addition to your old hunters. Your new hunters are then called on the cheap cell phones, and told to report to the booths for info on their new target, you! Thus, the more times you kill one of your hunters, the more hunters that come after you.

If you kill someone who is neither your target nor hunter, you become any and all cops targets. This will be verified by cheap RFID tags in the cheap cell phones. You are then a wanted man, and will be notified by cellphone. You may then plug away at any and all people, for the cops are after you. They may shoot back though, for a wanted man is everybody's target, though not everybody is notified. You are allowed to go on a rampage.

Anyone who gets hit by a paintball is out, at all times, by traditional paintball rules (splotch bigger than a nickel)

Play goes on for hours; a score is tallied. Target kills count as 2, hunter kills count as 4, and cop kills count as 5. "Wanted person" kills count as a 10 pt bonus, but if you ARE the wanted person, all kills count as a half a point.

After a set time, the game is over. Scores are tallied, and multiple awards are given for Best Cop, Most Target Kills, Most Hunter Kills, and Most Rampage Kills.

And then the city waits for next year.

DesertFox, Feb 28 2006

That was it - Assassin: http://en.wikipedia...iki/Assassin_(game)
[DrCurry, Mar 01 2006]


       fair enough (+).
neilp, Feb 28 2006

       This sounds like a non-paintball game we used to play years ago. Murder? Assassination? Forgotten the name. Anyway, it involved bananas (mostly because they couldn't be mistaken for guns by real-world police officers) and exploding light bulbs.
DrCurry, Feb 28 2006

       I knew who's idea this was as soon as I saw the subtitle.
normzone, Feb 28 2006

       We played something similar to this in High School once with squirt guns. All participants turned in their ID's & $2 w/ the idea that the last man standing got the whole pot.   

       At the begining of the game you got someone's ID & then tried to find & shoot them. When you shot them you got the ID of the person they were after. I don't think the hunted were allowed to take out their hunters, though.   

       I came close to winning as most of the participants weren't in college prep classes & didn't know much about me. The guy who took me out found out where I would be by going to the cafeteria where my mom worked and asking where I would be after lunch. She cost me $200. I think I was one of the last 6 left.   

       It was a fun game. This sounds even better.
Zimmy, Feb 28 2006

       We did this in college. It was called Assassin. A variety of weapons were allowed. The standard was a toy gun which fired plastic projectiles (like those flying discs). Other weapons were allowed. I was once killed by a cardboard knife labeled "knife" at close range. You could take out your assassin first if you could figure out who he/she was, and I was assassinated once by an alarm watch labeled "bomb" - still in the bombmaker's hand, about 5 seconds after I shot him. There had been a closed door bewteen us and he had intended to push it underneath, but I circled around before he could.   

       One could not assassinate ones target with more than 2 witness or it was "dirty", and you would have an extra bountry hunter set on you (usually someone who had been killed earlier in the game). You could assassinate your mark with a crowd present and not have it be considered dirty, but the assassin had to wear a mask - making him or her fair game for anyone playing the game. I was present at a meeting of student senate where a masked assassin came through the crowd to hit one of the senators, but was shot in the back by a person in the crowd who had come to discuss some budgetary matter. I was myself taken out after a masked assassination while my target was giving some sort of dorm floor meeting - it turned out most of his floor was playing the game, and I was chased then pinned down in a blind hallway.   

       Yes, that was a lot of fun.
bungston, Mar 01 2006

       Oh, I know the basic idea of Assassin is widely baked.   

       But not with paintball guns on a citywide scale, ,or with police. I think I originally intended this to be a holiday more than a sport. I shall move it.
DesertFox, Mar 01 2006

       Wasn't a student once fatally shot by a security guard while playing this?
spidermother, Mar 01 2006

       Err... I've never heard of anyone getting fatally shot while playing paintball. Even by a cop or security guard. I mean, paintball guns don't look like real guns; they have that big hopper and all.
DesertFox, Mar 01 2006

       The way I heard it, the security guard called out to the student. The student apparently thought the guard was a fellow player and reacted accordingly - ran for cover or reached for a 'weapon' or something. The guard misinterpreted the move and fired. It may be just an urban legend. Do security guards even carry firearms in universities etc? They don't in Australia (yet).   

       [edit] Sorry, I meant while playing Killer or Assassin, nothing to do with paintball.
spidermother, Mar 01 2006

       In college I played in a complicated version of Assassin, involving 'Secret Agents' acting in a vaguely similar role to the 'police' in this idea, held throughout the University of Maine at Orono campus as well as the whole town of Orono. Over two hundred entrants started the game, at $5 a head. Paintball guns were allowed and effective in many situations, especially for the Agents. Being the sneaky and devious sonnuvva-bitch that I am, my preferred method was to creep up behind my victims and 'slash' their throats with a red Sharpie.   

       It went on for weeks, despite the efforts of the campus cops to shut it down, and came down to an epic head-to- head hunt across a campus littered with Agents. I was assassinated during the final week by the chick who went on to win it. I think I was in the final twenty.   

       Anyway, my point is that Assassin-Game variants are widespread and popular, and paintball guns feature prominently in quite a few.
Alterother, Feb 22 2012


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