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Puppet Show Translations

They go wherever you do.
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For people tired of listening to the inane blather of everyday interaction, this is a new service.

Essentially, a group of people, some puppeteers, and some support personnell, follow you wherever you go, bringing puppets, stages, and props.

When you interact with someone, the puppeteers act as translators. Even though the people you're communicating with may speak the same language, you don't get the puppet show with it.

Naturally, this service is tweaked to an individual's tastes and is available as a professional multilingual service also. Full-body enclosures would be available, so that people only see the puppets.

Coming soon: Mime translation services.

turner, Sep 21 2001

Puppetry of the Penis http://www.aian.com.au/puppetry/
"Puppetry of the Penis is a mind blowing cabaret show consisting of two men ... who manipulate their genitals into various shapes, objects and landmarks." [sdm, Sep 21 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       I like the quirkiness of this idea. It is also open to interpretation, which could be fun [see link].
sdm, Sep 22 2001


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