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Possibly blasphemous.
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This idea is actually two ideas.

The first idea is the Rent-A-Jesus crew. They are a group of highly skilled visual artists whose talents range from sculpture to cooking. All of them are trained to be able to craft an identical vision of Jesus on command. For a fee, Rent-A-Jesus will come to a specified location and fashion a Jesus sighting of any type. They could, for example, carefully congeal a vat of cheese under controlled conditions so that the visage of the Messiah peers out of it. They would also be able to angle the lightbulbs on your porch so that a ghostly Jesus appears at night on your welcome mat. And it wouldn't be inconceivable for these experts to tussle your sleeping Great Dane's fur so that an image of the Passion enacts itself on their shifting body. No matter what they do, your newly Jesused item is sure to become a tourist attraction and pilgrimage site for years to come, earning you 15 minutes of fame and fortune.

The second idea is the Rent-A-Jesus TV show, "While You Were Out, I Summoned Jesus". The show follows the crew as, given permission by a friend or loved one who's in on the prank, they carefully fix up an unknowing person's home while they're out. When the subject returns and is confronted by a deftly hidden Jesus, a concealed camera captures their reaction. Frantic prayer, last-minute confessions, and quick conversions, along with other hilarious hijinks, are to be expected. The best part of every episode is when it is revealed to the prostate worshiper that they have been Punk'd! Hit ratings and multiple damnations are sure to ensue.

DrWorm, Mar 22 2010

A Jesus 'o Lantern http://www.christia..._jesus_lantern.html
As featured on christiancrafters.com - maybe they'd help out? [wagster, Mar 22 2010]

Icon_20Hunter_20Agency [xenzag, Mar 22 2010]


       Yes. Great. Or a Jesus actor appearing in a hidden camera setting to record the skepticism of the devout or whatever shenanigans might ensue. Maybe that show that catches paedophiles showing up could have Jesus come out instead of that journalist. I'd like to Jesus appear on as a celebrity contestant on various shows too. There'd need to be some professional magic to maximize believability. The Jesus images you propose would probably take in more people, though.
Mustardface, Mar 22 2010

       Next Up~ Borrow-a-Buddha~
blissmiss, Mar 22 2010

       Wasn't this baked by Depeche Mode?
coprocephalous, Mar 22 2010

       The lower budget competitor would be a Save-A- Saviour.[+]
Aristotle, Mar 22 2010

       The "Mary" version of this is already baked in many countries.... Ireland in particular. As regards Jesus - "He" is already everywhere and can be found! (promotes own, much older idea - see link)
xenzag, Mar 22 2010

       Hey look everybody that guy's got a solution to everybody's existential crisis!
rcarty, Mar 22 2010

       // He only evaded capture as a terrorist ... due to there not being any photographic evidence //   

       The National Enquirer would be your friend here, we understand.   

       // People were being falsely accused ... just “because they had a beard” //   

       Ah no, often they were Irish without due care and attention too.
8th of 7, Mar 22 2010

       Prostrate! Not prostate!
-----, Mar 22 2010

       Corrected! I swear it was a typo. I certainly didn't mean to say "prostate". If there's any organ worth worshiping, it's the liver.
DrWorm, Mar 23 2010

       //prostate worshiper// [DrWorm] please don't correct that. It's so much more interesting as it stands.
mouseposture, Mar 23 2010

       Fair enough, considering that I forgot to fix it in the first place.
DrWorm, Mar 23 2010


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