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Radio Jukebox

Pay-Per-Song Radio Station
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An unmanned radio station where listeners call-in or text/email their song requests for a small fee. No commercials. No DJs. No format limits. The fee might be $0.25 or $3.00, but it would be determined by the 'market'. That is, the fee would rise or fall according to demand so that listener's requests would be played within 30 minutes or so. Even if the listener's song wasn't played for a while, they could feel good about the donation, right? It'd be far cheaper (and more interesting?) than satellite radio. If 1 in 200 listeners paid $1 a month for songs, then you'd only need a listener area of 2.5 million to support a $150,000 per year budget (which seems adequate based on my quick net research). Sally Struthers would be proud! Of course, if desparate for cash, the station could sell 5-second messages that listeners record for a much higher fee (and limit the # per hour allowed for our sake).
macman, Mar 01 2006

Robot Radio Jukebox Robot_20Radio_20Jukebox
like this? [bungston, Mar 01 2006]


       [macman] - welcome to the HB. I am sorry to say that I seem to have already posted this idea (linked). Please provide others.
bungston, Mar 01 2006

       bungston - just saw that you have posted a very similar concept. sorry about that. keep on the lookout for future postings from me - i've got a lot of random ideas. love this site.
macman, Mar 01 2006


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