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Purple Calorie Labels

Helpful End-user labels
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A supermarket can precalculate the total calories in each can/box/package, and stick purple labels on every can that show the number of calories to the nearest 100.

Thus, if you're on a diet and you go into the supermarket with 1000 calories to "spend", you don't have to turn over every can and package and multiply the calories per serving times some fractional number of servings per container again and again.

Just look for the big purple "100", "400", etc. labels and you can be done shopping in a jiffy.

These labels would also be useful in the home - stick them on food you've bought so you don't have to recompute the total calories later.

phundug, Mar 07 2005

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       What's the purpose of presenting the caloric content for the entire container of a product intended to be multiple servings? I guess maybe it would apply to a product whose slogan contains phrases like "you just can't stop". Might be handy for binge eaters.   

       There is a product line/marketing scheme, I forget the manufacturer, that is based on packages containing 100 calories per package. Cookies, snacks, that sort of thing.
half, Mar 07 2005

       I reinvent this notion quite often. I think it would be useful in many ways, and would stand as a marketing challenge to the consumer's interest.   

       Your health is like the morning news ... if you have to spend more than five minutes a day on it, invest in some time management advice.
reensure, Mar 07 2005

       // What's the purpose of presenting the caloric content for the entire container of a product? //   

       Because however many servings *they* say are in the package, I almost always eat the entire thing in one sitting. The teeny "serving sizes" are ridiculous. Plus, in metric countries, they always give you the calories per 100 grams, and you have to multiply by the net weight.
phundug, Mar 07 2005


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