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A store that concentrates on snack items such as chips, soda and candy.
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From what I have heard, snack companies pay premium prices for shelf space, and even do their own stocking.

Leveraging this, a store that only had such items, with a greater variety and more shelf space could work with lower overhead since it would need fewer employees (few or no stockers, for example), reduced fridge/freezer areas and less space.

Larger than a convenience store, smaller than a regular grocery, this store could go into smaller spaces such as existing strip malls. It could also offer conveniences for the consumer such as a 6-packs of cold soft drinks at grocery store prices, a wider variety of snacks, and possibly shorter lines.

Special attention would be paid to special events such as having all cashiers available during the hours before the Super Bowl, World Series, etc. A possible gift section prior to Christmas could include brand-related merchandise.

zyada, Oct 26 2003


       There are snack stores around that specialise in snacks that just aren't commonly available. This might sound odd to some Halfbakers, but there are less than a dozen stores in Perth that sell Hershey's confectionary (at last check, anyway).
Detly, Oct 26 2003

       Coles to Newcastle.
DrCurry, Oct 27 2003

       //...we've got Hershey's out the wazoo (which is oddly appropriate)//   

snarfyguy, Oct 27 2003


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