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Purring Couch

A couch that purrs
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Fit a comfy couch with a medium-sized motor and a small weight offset on its spindle and an MP3 player set to repeat.

The velocity of the motor could be influenced by the volume of the MP3 player setting, which is ultimately controllable from the arm of the couch.

{Don't blame me - it's [skinflaps]'s idea really}

Dub, Oct 15 2007

I heard that this one purrs after it has eaten. http://img.photobuc...lberal/lipcouch.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 15 2007]

no mention of elf. teach_20yourself_20to_20purr_2e
[po, Oct 15 2007]

www.softpaws.com http://www.softpaws.com/faqs.html
What I think [skinflaps], [21Q] are talking about. [zen_tom, Oct 16 2007]

Purring hospital bed http://www.huffingt...show_n_1738919.html
[Dub, Aug 04 2012]

BoingBoing: Cat-Shaped Sofa http://boingboing.n...giant-cat-sofa.html
{Hopes this link doesn't cause the Internet to implode.} [Dub, Nov 29 2013]

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       If you keep it well fed it's very affectionate.
Just let it keep your loose change though.

       massage chairs! Do they purr? I don't think so.   

       That second link's a pin cushion, isn't it?
Dub, Oct 15 2007

       But you see, I envisioned a couch stuffed with purring cats.+
skinflaps, Oct 15 2007

       So long as it doesn't make a habit of sleeping in front of the telly, then I don't mind.
wagster, Oct 15 2007

       //But you see, I envisioned a couch stuffed with purring cats.+// skinflaps, Oct 15 2007   

       With very sharp claws!!! ;-)
blissmiss, Oct 15 2007

       Ah blissy, I understand that you can now obtain little claw thingies that fit over the cats claws. They're kinda blunt or something.
skinflaps, Oct 15 2007

       //So long as it doesn't make a habit of sleeping in front of the telly, then I don't mind.// I don't think it'd sleep there, but that's where it'd spend most of its time, probably.
Dub, Oct 15 2007

       Ah [skinflaps], That is just wrong. It sounds akin to kitty prosthesis, or somethin...not good.   

       //Envisions Claire giving me an evil scowl cause I didn't "shine" her claw covers last night!//
blissmiss, Oct 16 2007

       dreaming again?
blissmiss, Oct 16 2007

       Why a couch has to do purr?
Inyuki, Oct 16 2007

       [Inyuki]It's comforting, and pleasant
Dub, Oct 16 2007

       ignore [dub] see - teach yourself to purr.
po, Oct 16 2007

       Purring Couch, Sleeping Tiger - sounds like a title for a film to me
Dub, Oct 17 2007

       //kitty prosthesis//   

       What on earth is that?
skinflaps, Jul 03 2008


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