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Pussy Corks

Stop a painful problem
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We have a new kitten and he hasn't yet learned to retract his claws when appropriate. This can be painful.

I propose miniature corks to be stuck on each claw. Obviously, a small amount of engineering work would be needed to make sure they remain in place and can't be eaten if the cat tries to nibble them off. It goes without saying they are non-toxic.

Artisan cork makers around the world will rejoice as the screw-cap induced decline in cork for wine bottles could be offset by hundreds of millions of pussy corks.

DenholmRicshaw, Jan 11 2023

I suppose corks are better than costumes https://www.redmeat...Content?oid=3428327
If you can get the cat to wear them. [a1, Jan 17 2023, last modified Jan 18 2023]


       How is this better than the little rubber caps you put on their claws?
21 Quest, Jan 11 2023

       I'm so glad this isn't what I thought it was. [+]
doctorremulac3, Jan 11 2023

       [doctorremulac3]; my dirty brain went directly there too... mind -> gutter
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 11 2023

       Never even occurred to me. But if it had mentioned ping-pong balls ...
a1, Jan 11 2023

       Corks are sustainable compared to rubber and also don't lead the pussy to a life of sordid rubber fetishism.
DenholmRicshaw, Jan 11 2023

       We paws now for a word from our sponsor...   

       I'm envisioning 8th of 7 applying eagerly for a job in the toxicity testing department.
21 Quest, Jan 12 2023

       8th would have suggested different applications for the cork.
a1, Jan 12 2023

       You know it!
21 Quest, Jan 12 2023

       {Corks are sustainable compared to rubber and also don't lead the pussy to a life of sordid rubber fetishism.}   

       Quite possibly the funniest, and/or strangest defense of an idea I've ever heard, Or thereabouts.
blissmiss, Jan 14 2023

       Last place i lived was battle royal every night in the cat world and the resident pussy needed sharp wits and sharp claws to survive.   

       Had actually bought those rubber caps - but couldn't bear to actually put them on.
mylodon, Jan 14 2023

       // bought those rubber caps - but couldn't bear to put them on. //   

       Silly, they’re for the cat.
a1, Jan 14 2023

       I could greatly use them for the freaking squirrels that are scratching through anything we put up on the door to make them stop. Make some teeny ones, will ya?
blissmiss, Jan 17 2023

       Or an alternative, Kitten Mittens.
Frankx, Feb 20 2023


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